Back to school and Anzac Biscuits

Hurrah!  Today was back to school for the Parklets!  As lovely as it has been being able to sit around in the morning and not having to traipse back and forward to school every day, it is always nice to get them back to school and to get some peace!

They had got their stuff all organised the night before – supposedly – we still managed to have to have a mad scramble to find shoes, glasses and a water bottle.  Alexander had also lost his sun hat but that wasn’t a big deal as sun hats are only compulsory in terms 1 and 4.  We may or may not find it before we need it in September!

They seemed happy enough to go to school – which made a nice change in Boy Wonder’s case!  I had told them before the holidays that I was going to start dropping them at the far side of the park rather than walking them to the gate.  A wasn’t phased by this and took off as soon as we hit the grass, Roo was not so sure.  At first she did really well then as she got to the far side of the park she stopped and wouldn’t go any further.  I just stood waving and shouting ‘On you go!’ and eventually she went.  The journey to school is really safe.  One big road with a crossing guard and one small road without but with hardly any cars and great visibility.  My aim is that by next year they will be able to walk by themselves.  Alexander would do it himself now but he would also just abandon Ruby so she still needs a chum!

When they were gone I was REALLY busy.  One hour of dog walking, one hour of cleaning, one hour of ironing, one hour of lunch, knitting and emails, one hour of cooking and half an hour of folding laundry – it is just THAT exciting chez Park!

I made some Anzac biscuits for the kids’ after school snack.  ANZAC day was on Monday.  It is to commemorate the first major military action of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in the first world war.  It is a huge day of remembrance here and is a public holiday. 

The biscuits were first made to be sent to the troops as a moral booster.  They last for quite a long time (apparently, there is no way to test this theory in our house!) and so were good for making the long trip to the front lines.

The recipe is simple – mix 1 1/4 cups plain flour, 1 cup oats, 1/2 cup caster sugar, 3/4 cups dessicated coconut in a bowl.  In a small pan melt 150g butter, add 2 tbsp golden syrup and when that is all mixed add 1/2 tsp bicarb soda mixed in a wee cup with 1 tbsp water (using a cup from Ruby’s teaset is entirely optional ;-).  Before adding the bicarb/water, take it off the heat as it will bubble up.  Stir the hot butter mixture into the oats etc and mix until it is all combined.

Make into balls about the size of a walnut.  Flatten and place on lined baking trays.  Bake in a 170c oven for 12 mins.  Eat, enjoy and remember with gratitude 🙂

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One Response to Back to school and Anzac Biscuits

  1. Yerda says:

    Yummmy! Glad to hear the Parklets are back at school. Hopefully you will have more time for you!

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