Ahem, heh, heh!

Hmm, I just tried to work out the phonetics of a cough ^^^^^ is the best I could do.

And why?  Because I have a week off.  Hee hee!  Do you get it?!

Anyway, yes, I do, I have a week off and I am very excited about it.  I know it will pass in a flash so I want to make a list of the things I want to get done while I am off.  This list is entirely made up of fun things to make.  I will have to do boring things like cook, clean and do washing too but I will do these things as quickly as possible so as to get onto the good stuff that I don’t get time for when I am working!

  1. Finish first pair of ducky feet 
  2. Sew bag for my Mum
  3. Knit scarf for friend
  4. Make felted fairy for other friend
  5. Learn to make zippy purses (need to remember to get zips for this one – oh dear, will have to go to fabric shop, what a hardship!)
  6. Start quilt using beautiful book Michael gave me for my birthday. 

I’ll update with the results!

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