What I made on my week off – Part 1

Well, it is almost time to go back to work after my week off.  I’ve had a lovely time making stuff!  As usual, I have several half finished projects but they are all very close to completion!

I did completely finish two of the things on my list – Mum’s bag and learning to make zippy purses.  Both of these will be on their way over to Scotland tomorrow as a present for Mum.

Mum saw the bag I made for myself a few weeks back and asked if I could make one for her.  She sent me some fabric in a sweet, little flowery pattern in ‘her colours’ and so all I needed to do was to find some lining fabric.  EVERYTHING Mum wears in the summer is either turquoise, lime green or white and any of these colours would have been perfect with this fabric.  I was going to get some at the fabric shop – we all know how I HATE to have to go there 😉 – but then I remembered that Mum had left a pair of trousers here when she left.They were far too big for her and had been on LOTS of holidays with her so she decided to retire them to make more space in her suitcase for the return journey!  Of course, I can’t throw anything fabric out so they have been in my fabric box since then.  I brought them out and the colour was perfect! 

I made the bag this afternoon and I am more pleased with it than the one I made for myself.  I changed the design ever so slightly so that the closing flap is longer – the flap on my bag is just a bit too short but I can live with it!

I flipped over the fabrics for the inside pocket so that the blue is showing and the flowers are part of the lining – just to break up the flowery-ness of it all.

(You can see the side seam of the trousers on the inside of the top flap – I quite like that!)

I added the little flower to the outside of the flap for a bit of texture too.

The little zippy purse was made using a tutorial I found online.  I didn’t think the tutorial was very clear so I changed a few steps but I am pretty happy with the result and can forsee me making a gazillion of these little things just to use up all my fabric offcuts!  Ruby has already put in a request for one of her own!

I really hope Mum will like it.  I know it goes with everything she owns so hopefully it will accompany her on lots of lovely days out!

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