Aussie Phrase of The Week – CUB

I heard this term on the telly this week and LOVE it!!

‘Kelly’s uncle is a bit of a CUB’

CUB stands for ‘Cashed Up Bogan’.  To explain further, a Bogan is basically a chav so a cashed up bogan is a chav with loads of money!

Australia has a really great line in chavs.  I should preface this with the fact that there are lots of lovely, non-chav people here too – I wouldn’t want you to think otherwise but by jove, there are some funny looking tickets as well!!

The first rule of being a bogan is to have a mullet.  Mullet haircuts are alive and well and living in Australia.  Some examples are so fantastic that it’s all I can do not to get my phone out and photograph them for later ridicule on here!  There is a special category of mini-mullets too – mullets on children too young to make informed decisions on their hairdressing requirements.  Just cruel!

The next rule is to have a V8 Ute.  Eleven months ago those words would have meant nothing to me.  To be honest I still don’t totally get them and I don’t care enough to learn but a V8 ute is a powerful car/truck type mash up.  From the front it looks like a car but instead of a back seat it has a truck bed.  There are V8 Ute races at proper race tracks and everything.  I can only imagine the chav-tastic experience that would be!

Another rule of bogandom appears to be to name your child a random selection of letters, mainly vowels but held together with a couple of consonants.  This baffles me.  Australia is in the fantastic position of having such a wonderful mixture of cultures living together, surely there must be ONE name whether it is Italian, Maltese, Arabic, Indian, Sudanese, Irish that you could call your precious baby that is not going to sound like the noise you make when you take a splinter out of your finger? 

So there you have it – if you ever meet someone called Ahyaania, sporting a shocking mullet, driving a car/truck thing, splashing the cash – you can assume they are a CUB!

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4 Responses to Aussie Phrase of The Week – CUB

  1. Olein says:

    This is so funny !!

  2. Jacq says:

    LOL. I’ve not heard the acronym before but i know exactly what you mean!

  3. Hazel Marwick says:

    Hee Hee! this is soo funny Laura and refreshing to know tha there are Chavs everywhere!!!!

  4. Michaela Smith says:

    According to Toby ….the mullet is the perfect hairdo …… at the front and a party at the back !! obviously a bloke thing!
    Great post xx

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