I never thought this day would come …

I have a car all of my own!!!

Michael and I decided that life would be A LOT easier if I had access to a car while he was away at work.  It is just not feasible for him to use public transport to get to work – even once a week because he would have to leave at about 4am!  We did some investigating on affordable small cars and this week I collected a little Hyundai Getz!!

I LOVE it!!  It is not fast or fancy but it is mine and it gets me where I want to go.  My days of standing at bus stops in the rain are gone for good!  The kids are DELIGHTED because it means I can drive them to school on rainy days and we can plan fun days out for during the school holidays.  Everything here is so spread out, a car is really a necessity.

It is so strange for me to think that I can drive never mind that I can just jump in my car any time I like!  I spent so many years being terrified of the very idea of driving, of being in charge of a car and potentially causing an accident and being at fault for the fallout that creates.  It is a huge responsibility but I have it in perspective now.  

Now, does anyone need a lift?

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3 Responses to I never thought this day would come …

  1. Jacq says:

    Well done you! DH was very similar to you in that he didn’t learn to drive, and in London you can kind of get away with it. But now the kids are getting older, it’s just so much easier now we can both drive and take the kids places. It’s taken a HUGE responsibilty off me.

  2. Yes, it will certainly make things easier with the kids and means that Michael can work late some night if he needs to without everyone else missing out. A few times A & R have missed swimming etc as M has been stuck in traffic. Even things like doing the weekly shopping is easier as we don’t ALL have to go!

  3. Lillian Wheater says:

    Congratulations Laura, what a difference having ur own car will make 2 u all. John has unfortunately failed his test a couple of times but we’re hoping third time lucky, this wk actually. I only dream about driving myself, well nightmares, it scares me 2 death! Look how gr8 ur doing as well….driving 1 handed x

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