Oh, this morning was difficult.

This morning started like every other school day.  I dragged myself out of bed at 7.25am (very reluctantly today, I was still sooooo sleepy!) and went to wake the kids.  They made groggy noises and I set about making lunches (which will be mostly uneaten but have to be made).

Ruby came out of her room dressed in her uniform and sobbing her heart out.  I bundled her onto my knee and let her cry for a while before she could tell me what was wrong.  It seems that the kids at school are making fun of her for being small (she is one of the youngest in the year) and for being slow at running.  She has no-one to play with at break time and has spent the last few days alone.  She wishes her friends from Scotland were here.

Oh dear.

I tried to make her feel better by reminding her that

  • Most people who make fun of others are doing so to feel better about something they don’t like about themselves.
  • We all have our talents, some people are good at running, some people are good at drawing, some people are good at whistling.  We can’t all be good at everything but we all have something we do well.
  • She is perfect and gorgeous in every way, if these people don’t get that then that is their loss!
  • She had some lovely friends in Scotland who liked her just the way she was so she will make friends like this here too.

Still, it was really hard to watch her walk into school this morning knowing that she was dreading it and as I write this, it is round about play time and I am in tears myself thinking that my sweet, funny girl is sitting by herself wishing it was a rainy day so she could be inside drawing.

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12 Responses to Oh, this morning was difficult.

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    oh Laura, I feel for both of you. E has days like that too and it is heartbreaking, isn’t it?
    I guess they are still quite new at their school, aren’t they? Hopefully, she’ll find that one friend to get her started and feel better about herself soon. Poor babe.
    Love to all xx

  2. Jacq says:

    It’s shitty isn’t it? I hope it’s just a stage for her and she makes friends very soon.

  3. Michaela Smith says:

    So sad for her …it is awfully hard.

    She is lucky though to have such a friend in Larry .

  4. jane macanull says:

    oh i remember these feelings well from both sides of the fence actually. If i were you i would have a wee quiet word with her teacher and they might introduce a related topic in the class, plus they will look out for her. It would break your heart .x

    • Yes, I am going up to school tomorrow and will have a chat with her teacher. I just have to try and do that without bursting into tears! Silly, soppy Mummy!

      • Tracey Hand says:

        This is a good idea. Maybe they could have a period or lesson where they talk about different types of weather across the world or something where Ruby would be the person who has experienced something firsthand that the others wouldn’t have? (like snow, for instance?)
        Something that would show Ruby to be the ‘cool’ one, IYSWIM, and might just be enough to break the ice.
        (LOL at the puns – snow, cool and ice!)
        Hopefully, they’ll see the problem and be able to deal with it before it becomes a real “don’t want to go to school” issue.

  5. Hazel Marwick says:

    Not silly soppy Mummy, caring loving Mummy!! I am sitting here having a wee cry to myself it must be so hard for you and poor lovely Ruby. Whats not to like about your sweet wee girl!!!???? She will make lots of good friends as you and i know. Def good idea to speak to her teacher, she is probably not aware of what is going on…..so what if you bubble….only shows how much she means to you Laura. Thinking of you and now i am on skype (not got a clue how to use it though lol!) the possibilities are endless….haha! Hxx

  6. sarah says:

    Oh it’s pants when things like this happen. It’s the kind of thing I worry about a lot too. I do hope that she comes out skipping today and that something good happens for her.

  7. Yerda says:

    Laura, Definitely have a word with her teacher. The other kids may be jealous of Ruby as although she is the youngest she is probably ahead of the rest in reading etc.
    Don’t worry about it too much as kids have a way of sorting things out. Keep the school up to date with the situation. If they don’t know about it they can’t do anything.

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