Flower tutorial

After I posted the pictures of the bag I made for my Mum the other day a few people asked how to make the little flowers I used to decorate it.  They are super-duper simple so here are some step-by-step instructions!

Firstly you will need two pieces of fabric (or one and a button), a needle and thread, sharp scissors, a pencil and something round to use as a template.

On one piece of fabric, draw five circles – these will be the petals.  If you are using another fabric as the middle then cut out one circle from that piece.

So you have five of one and one of the other.

Fold the circle in half …

… then in half again so you have a quarter circle with four layers of fabric.

Thread your needle and knot it so that your thread is double thickness.  Insert your needle at the corner. 

Sew a running stitch along the curved edge of the quarter circle.  Don’t pull the thread all the way through, leave at least a couple of inches as a tail – this will help later.

Don’t cut the thread but just start the next petal and complete in the same way.

Do this until you have all five petals on the thread.

Pull the thread tight so they all bunch up together.   (I forgot to leave a tail of thread …

…  so had to pull my knot end out – not the end of the world but it is easier if you do leave the tail of thread!)

Pull it tight and knot together.  If you want a button centre then just sew the button over the middle now.

If you are having a fabric centre then take your remaining circle of fabric, wrong side facing and fold over just a little hem.  Sew a running stitch around the edge folding the hem over as you go.

Do this until you are all the way round your circle.

Pull tight, tie the thread in a knot and flatten the whole thing out.

Hold the contrast circle over the petals and sew together by sewing into one of the fold of the petal …

… and then into one on the contrast circle.  Do this all the way round so it is firmly held together.

Ta da!  Sit back and marvel at what a cutesy thing you have just made!  Run around your house looking for more scraps of fabric to make more flowers with!  Adorn anything that doesn’t move with your lovely new creations!

If you do make any then do let me know and show me pictures!

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One Response to Flower tutorial

  1. Olein Seaton says:

    You are just so creative Laura , I will never forget the little wine glass tags you made for Jeni , fabulous

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