Ruby Update

Well, after posting yesterday I spent most of the day crying either because I was thinking about my gorgeous girl being so sad or because my lovely friends had read my post and sent me messages of support!  (Thank you, they were much appreciated!)

I was working yesterday (only just managed to keep a lid on the tears there, it was touch and go when lovely nurse Pam was sympathetic!  Don’t be nice to me Pam!!) so I didn’t see Ruby until late in the evening.  She seemed ok but still a little down about going into school tomorrow and unable to think of a single person she could play with.

Michael and I discussed a few different things we could do which included, but were not limited to, actively encouraging other friendships, investigating a change of class and if all else fails, moving schools.

For the immediate problem, my good friend, Michaela suggested that Ruby could take in a box of beads and some thread and rather than try to join in the running games that she doesn’t enjoy and which lead to teasing (oh, she is her mother’s daughter!) she could make a necklace or something instead.  As Michaela pointed out, there is bound to be another little girl who would rather be doing this so maybe she will make a friend this way, if not, at least she is doing something she enjoys.  So today she has taken a little box of beads with her.  (We just happen to have some of that stuff lying around ;-))

Today at school, parents were invited in to see the work that the kids were doing this term.  I went up a bit early so that I could speak to Roo’s teacher.  We were there in plenty time, I got a parking space straight away and then when we got to Ruby’s class her teacher was off!  Grrrr!  I know she is fully entitled to be ill but why today?!  I stayed anyway to look through Ruby’s work.  This is the first time that I have been in her class while all the kids were there too.  All the girls ARE much bigger and seem much older.  There is a big difference between ‘just turned 7’ and ‘almost 8’.  So now I am thinking it may be better if she was moved down to grade 1 just to be with kids of her own age and maturity.

When I got home I tried to phone the school to speak to one of the assistant headteachers to discuss how we could proceed but all the headteachers are out today – God knows who is there teaching our children!  I left a message with the very helpful school secretary, she will pass it on and hopefully someone will phone me back tomorrow.

I don’t know what would be the best course of action.  To move her down a year may be damaging to her self esteem as she may feel she is being punished by being moved down.  Other kids may make fun of her for moving down.  Also, she is coping well with the grade 2 work so the work in grade 1 would be too easy for her.  To leave her in this class as she is will definitely damage her self esteem – it is already doing so.

Bah – why is it all so hard?!

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2 Responses to Ruby Update

  1. Hazel Marwick says:

    I think definitely a chat with Ruby’s teacher and even the assistant/head teacher to formulate a plan. Poor wee scone I really feel for her and you and Michael too. I have to say you were the talk of the playground at Mauricewood yesterday as a fair few Mums had read your post and all of us wished we could do more to help…..most of us admitted to having had a good bawl on your behalf!! Hope each day gets a little easier for Ruby. Sending you all BIG HUGS and our love h and co xxxx

    • Laura says:

      Aww, thank you! I have to say it does help to know that people are thinking about us so far away. Sorry for making you blub though! Onwards and upwards! L xxx

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