Waggy dog!

All is calm in Park HQ this week – phew!

Ruby is doing well at school, Alexander has been on a playdate to a little friend’s house, Michael and I have been working – all good stuff.

The big news this week is Larry’s haircut.  I didn’t take a ‘before’ pic because the shearing was very much last minute!  I took him up to school to drop the kids off in the morning and it was raining a little (I think we were the only people walking – even though I have the car sitting there I don’t HAVE to use it and contrary to popular belief rain doesn’t kill us!).  When he got home he was all muddy and smelled of wet dog – not surprisingly!  I popped up to the dog groomers in town to see if they could fit him in and they had an appointment in half an hour.  I zoomed home and took him back.  He was bounced into the groomers, was overjoyed to see the woman and delighted to be left there.  Quite different to my last dog who had to be dragged, with all four legs rigid, to have his hair cut!

I left a very fluffy, shaggy boy and collected a sleek (well, apart from his, erm, curviness!), smooth puppy three hours later!  He almost turned himself inside out when I arrived, he was so excited to see!

I was trying to take a picture of his new ‘do’ but he wouldn’t stand still so I have uploaded a little video of him here – he is just so waggy, I love it!!!  Be warned, if full-frontal canine nudity offends you then don’t click the link – the boy has no shame!

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One Response to Waggy dog!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    His tail is just mental. It’s a wonder he doesn’t leave whip marks on his sides LOL
    bless him

    Great news about R and A. Long may it all continue 🙂

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