She swims!

Just a quick update to share my ‘Proud Mummy Moment’ of the day.  Ruby passed her level two swimming test.  This comprised of one full length of front crawl (no stopping and proper technique) and one length of backstroke, a standing dive from the edge, a surface dive to collect a weighted object from the floor of the pool, one length of skulling and one length of survival backstroke all topped off with grabbing a rope and being dragged 5m.  She did it all easily!

I am so proud of her.  A year ago she wouldn’t get her face wet, could barely swim the length of herself and had NO confidence in the water, now she is like a little otter rolling and diving in the water!

Alexander does his testing next week – fingers crossed that his tests go as well as Roo’s!

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3 Responses to She swims!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Yay Roo!!
    I can’t do any of those things. I hate water!
    Fingers crossed for A next week too.

    Do they do swimming with school or do you take them? Our 2 have swimming once a school year but only for about half a term, it seems. It’s not long enough really (although it is free, unlike in England, so I shouldn’t complain!)

  2. Michaela Smith says:

    Oh well done Ruby !!
    M xx

  3. Michaela Smith says:

    Oh Well done Ruby !!

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