Happy Birthday to The Golden Boy

Today is Larry’s first birthday!  It is a minor miracle that he has made it to this milestone due to his self-destructive stupidity and I wanted to share a little bit of what having this waggy boy join our family this year has meant to me. 

I have wanted to get a dog for years.  I think families should have a dog.  It makes your house different when there are four little feet trotting round behind you.  I wanted to be sensible about it though.  Getting a dog is a huge commitment.  We had to wait until we had arrived in Australia because moving a dog from the UK is hugely expensive and traumatic for all concerned.  Also, we didn’t know where we would be living for the first while when we got here.

We satisfied our dog cravings by hosting other people’s dogs.  Sometimes just for a weekend, sometimes for a few weeks.  We got to meet lots of lovely dogs and experience breeds that I would never have considered before – including Cocker Spaniels.

We had a few Cocker Spaniels over to stay and they were all soppy, friendly dogs who were equally happy walking for hours or lying about the house while we watched dvds!  We decided that when the time was right, this was the kind of dog we wanted.

And that was just what we got!  I have shared lots of pics of Larry on here so my apologies for duplicating but it would be a hard hearted person who couldn’t look at this photo and melt …

Larry has added another dimension to our life here.  A huge dose of cuteness…

He gives us good reason to get outdoors (if we needed one other than living in a country where it isn’t constantly raining!)

He has managed to worm his way into every part of our lives – bathtime …

and back to school photos …

He is as happy up to his oxters in mud ….

as lying on the sofa…

Mostly though, Larry is a gorgeous, soppy, hilarious boy … who has brought much laughter and joy to the past year.  Now if he’d just stop eating paper/plastic bags/hairbands/tinsel (remember that one?! :-0) then hopefully he’ll make it to a ripe old age!

Happy Birthday Captain McSilkylugs!

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One Response to Happy Birthday to The Golden Boy

  1. Yerda says:

    Happy birthday Larry!!! Woof woof!

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