Birthday Teas

We had a wee birthday tea for Larry last night!  Silly, I know, but if you can’t do silly things when you have little kids then when can you?!

My Auntie used to have two Scottish Terriers who would go bananas any time they heard anyone singing ‘Happy Birthday to you’ because she gave them a slice of vienetta every year on their birthday!  I decided to pinch this tradition for the Golden Boy!

(A and R obviously delighted, GB having learned from experience is not counting his chickens!)

He never gets ‘people food’, not scraps, not little tastes, never anything apart from his dog food in his bowl, a dog treat after his walk or pigs ears (vile but he luuuuuuuuurves them!!) so this was a huge deal for him!  He had his slice in a bowl and loved it!

Michael thinks we are quite mad!  He’s probably right!

Then today we decided that as I am working the late shift tomorrow and A will be in school all day, we should have his birthday tea and present extravaganza today!  We invited the Stewarts round for tea and I set about cooking!  I made chilli (which A hates but we had all the ingredients and it’s easy to dish up to lots of people!  He had a pie and chips instead – would be a bit cruel to dish up something he didn’t like at his birthday tea and expect him to eat it!)

I made my first ever birthday cake for Ruby’s birthday this year and my good friend Michaela mentioned something she had read about how kids will always remember cakes you have made yourself.  Well, if there’s one way to get me to do something it’s to tell me that it will create a good memory for my children!!  My first thought was to make a Millennium Falcon cake which I know would BLOW HIS MIND!  But then I remembered that I am a bit crap at cake decorating so I may work up to that (luckily, Star Wars doesn’t seem to be grow-out-able!).  So I went for something just a touch easier 😉

It is a green velvet cake (like red velvet cake but with green colouring instead of red!) sandwiched with raspberry jam and covered with chocolate icing then covered in jelly snakes and silver balls.  Alexander LOVED it!!  And Michaela is right, it did mean a lot to him.  He even thanked me for working so hard on it (appreciation?  Good heavens!).

He opened his presents before the Stewarts arrived.  I was snapping away while he did and I just love how expressive his wee face is!  He was DELIGHTED with everything he was given!

Beyblades from us.  (His Clone Trooper Nerf gun still hasn’t arrived but should be here soon!)


A Ninjago set from Mimi and Pops, which made him …

… very happy!  (I am looking at this picture and thinking ‘hmm, I must start a savings account for orthodontic treatment’.  Is that bad?!)

He nearly flipped out of his skin when he opened the next one …

Uncle David hit the jackpot with this!

The first week we arrived in Australia we went to Gisborne – about 20 minutes drive from here – and we went into a little fairies and crystals type shop.  They had a plasma ball in there and Alexander has been coveting one ever since!  He LOVES it and it is so hypnotic.  We are hoping that it may help as a low level light in his bedroom too!

He was equally delighted with all his other presents – thank you so much to everyone who sent him something, I will try to send pics to everyone individually as I am sure that there are only so many pictures of a boy looking shocked and amazed that you can take!

The Stewarts arrived and we sat down to dinner (beautifully served up, don’t you think?!!)

(Oh, and that is a very different facial expression to the one A would have been wearing if I had made him have chilli too!)

Then it was cake time!

(Note the plasma ball already rigged up and going in the background!)

Thanks to Hughie for remembering to take a family pic!!

And then there was nothing else to do but eat the cake!

Tonight as A was going to bed he handed me a note.  These usually read ‘You are not my boss’ or ‘I am leaving home’ but tonight he had written, ‘Thank you, I have had a great birthday.’  And then he gave me a big hug and asked me to read to him – something he hasn’t done for months as he generally prefers to read by himself now.  I was more than happy to read a chapter to him though, and to tuck in my eight year old boy for the last time.

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3 Responses to Birthday Teas

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Awww happy birthday A (and GB, of course)
    Your last paragraph, about the note, made me well up and chuckle at the same time. So lovely that he did that (and so reassuring that I’m not the only person who gets “I’m leaving home” notes!)
    Great post, Laura 🙂 x

  2. David says:

    Ha! Thanks for picking that up L. he does look fair pleased with it.

    That makes me want to go dig mine out…

  3. Yerda says:

    What a lucky birthday boy!

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