Cool things about Australia #164

I suppose it makes sense in a country as vast as this …

… the posties ride on motorbikes!  They zoom along the pavements, pausing briefly at each mailbox.  It is becoming second nature to see them now but when we first arrived the kids were always amazed at them!!

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3 Responses to Cool things about Australia #164

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Ah yes, our postie comes on a scooter very similar to that (although he doesn’t look anywhere near as dayglo as yours does LOL)

    We don’t live in sprawled out homes, mind you. Numerous apartment blocks and private villas, I guess, but I think his delivery area is pretty big.

  2. Oh they love a bit of hi-vis here!! Used to make us laugh but it’s another thing that is becoming normal!

  3. Tracey Hand says:

    The weird thing is, “hi-vis” here is just black/grey with reflective strips. We certainly don’t see any day-glo

    I reckon it’s so that the ‘normal’ hard workers don’t look conspicuous amongst the tourists, personally! LOL

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