First Day of Winter

Today is the first day of winter.  Normally, this would have me reaching for the duvet and refusing to come out until the spring.  This year is a little different!

It’s hard to be sad about all the leaves falling from the trees when there is a jaunty palm tree at the end of the road and temperatures are still up around 18 degrees!

I took these pictures while I was out for a walk with Larry yesterday. 

I had planned to walk further along the road with him but the sun was on my left, it was really warm and I could feel the left side of my face getting a little tingly so I had to turn back before I got sunburnt!!  That is my kind of winter!!

I found a really good place to let Larry have a run where there are no kids, geese, ponds or roads for him to cause mischief with.  We have not perfected the recall, he will come near us but won’t sit and stay until we can put his lead back on him so I leave his lead on and any time he comes near me I pick up the lead and give him a big ‘good boy’ and a pat then let him go on his way again.  It’s not perfect but it means that he can still have a good run and we can still catch him afterwards!!  He had a great snuffle round the grass and bushes and found a few magpies to chase.

The weather was so lovely that it was a shame to have to come home but I also couldn’t waste such a good laundry drying day so we turned for home!

On the way I saw a few trees who seemed to be a bit late on the autumn thing …

… and some who seemed to be ignoring it completely …

The roses in front of our house are oblivious to winter too apparently, they are in bloom for the third time since we moved in last November!

If this is winter, that is fine by me!  I’m hoping that it won’t be as wet as last winter when we first arrived but I can take any amount of 18c, sunny days!

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2 Responses to First Day of Winter

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
    Summer winters are ace, aren’t they?
    It sounds shallow but they make everything else so much nicer/easier to handle!
    Enjoy yours 🙂

  2. Hazel Marwick says:

    Sooo jealous laura this is the 1st day of summer here and in contrast to your 1st day of winter….its 9 degrees with strong winds (making it feel even colder!!) and a feeling of drizzle although it isnt actually wet!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaah Scotland bah!!! Sure you dont ant to come back lol????? hx

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