He swims too!

Last week Ruby did her testing at swimming lessons.  Well, this week it was Alexander’s turn!

He had to do four lengths of front crawl, four lengths of back crawl (without putting his feet down at all and taking less than five seconds to turn), a length of breast stroke, one of butterfly, one of arms-only skulling, a shallow dive to retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool, erm, I think that was it but I’m not sure!!  He did it all with no problems and when he was finished he did a further twelve lengths just for fun!

By achieving this level he has the opportunity to join the junior squad.  He goes from a half hour lesson with a few other kids and the instructor in the pool to an hour long class with about twelve other kids and with the instructor at the edge.  They will push him even harder to improve his stamina and increase his speed.  We checked with him that he wanted to do this – no point pushing him if he isn’t interested!  He jumped at the chance so he starts on Tuesday!

I am so proud of him and how hard he has pushed himself to get to this level.  He’s always loved being in the water and has the perfect build for a swimmer – all muscle and no fat – he has a six pack to kill for!

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2 Responses to He swims too!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Fantastic! Well done, A 🙂 x

  2. yerda says:

    Must be all the fish fingers he ate!!! Well done Alexander!!!!!!! Mimi and Pops xxx

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