Hmm, obsession or collection?

I am off to New Zealand next week to visit my wonderful friends Jo and Craig and to meet their beautiful baby Lily for the first time.  I am beyond excitement as Jo is one of my very best friends and I haven’t seen her in over 18 months.  The photos I have seen of Lily are gorgeous and, given her parentage, she is genetically destined to be one of the nicest people in the world!  

I am making a wee present for baby Lily.  This present requires an 80cm long 5mm circular needle which I was very confident that I had.  The reason being that I have pretty much every needle of every size.  Well, I got to the part of the pattern where this needle is called for so went to my stash to find it.  It wasn’t there. There was a distinct possibility that it was in my UFO (unfinished objects) basket with half a project hanging off it.  It wasn’t, but I found some more spare needles in there.  I looked through my wool stash and found a few more needles.  I decided it was high time I organised my needles a little.

Left to right we have – metal straights, my favourite ‘torch’ needles, double pointed needles, still in the packet circulars, a bag of long circlulars, a bag of short circulars, a few pairs of zeros and double zeros, my new lovely bamboo straights (some would say these are surplus to requirements but they are so comfy to knit with and while they don’t make that satisfying clickety-clack noise, they are much nicer to hold) and a big pair of 20mms.  Across the top there are darning needles, stitch holders, cable needles and crochet hooks, a bag of floats, a needle gauge and a pair of scissors.

But no 80cm long 55m circular!  Ah well, off to the wool shop tomorrow 😉

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