My poor girl!

This morning, Ruby and Alexander were out playing in the street and I was marvelling at the joy of them playing out in winter – Alexander wearing short sleeves and Ruby in a wee sundress!

A few minutes later Ruby came in crying and groaning.  A neighbour’s dog had escaped from the garden and had bitten her on the leg.  She was really crying which is most unlike Ruby, I scooped her up, sat her on the bench and had a look.  There was a bruise forming already and a few breaks in the skin.  I grabbed some frozen peas from the freezer – although Ruby didn’t want anything to touch her leg – buckled her into the car and took off to work for one of the doctors to have a look at it, leaving Michael to speak to the dog owner.

We saw one of the doctors at work and he said that Ruby would still have tetanus protection from her pre-school immunisations but that he would give her a course of anti-biotics just to be sure that no infection could set in.  Ruby was a brave wee soul while we had a really good look at the rapidly developing bruise.

Back at home it was just as well Michael spoke to our neighbour.  While the rational part of me knows that this was an accident and these things happen and that the neighbour was very apologetic, the Mummy part of me is furious with him, not just for the fact that his dog escaped and bit my precious girl but because he then let her walk home by herself and Michael had to go and find him!  Surely if your dog bites someone, especially a child, you grovel and apologise from here to kingdom come?  You bring magazines and sweeties or at the very least come over and check that she’s ok.  Anyway, as I say, Michael is much more level-headed and sensible about these things than I am and I am very grateful for that because we do intend to live here for some considerable time!

She appears to be ok now.  Her leg is sore obviously but she is soldiering on and not playing on it nearly as much as she could be!!

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5 Responses to My poor girl!

  1. Jacq says:

    Owwww! What kind of dog was it? Has it bitten anyone before? What was Ruby doing when it bit her?
    I’m sorry, but a dog bite is NOT an accident any more than it would be an accident if a loaded gun went off and shot someone.
    Is there not a dog warden or someone you can report this to? If the dog escapes again and bites a smaller child, it could be really serious.
    Sorry to go off on one but aggressive dogs need to be kept under control and thats not just a little nip 😦

    • Well, that is my feeling too but I appear to be in the minority!
      It was a Maltese Terrier I think. Apparently it has never bitten anyone before. According to the owner it never gets out of the garden (so many dogs here never see past their own garden fence :-(). Ruby was playing out in the street with Alexander and another boy – nothing to do with the dog, she wasn’t facing it when it bit her and I know she wouldn’t be tormenting it or anything – she LOVES dogs but is dog-aware enough not to launch herself at a dog she doesn’t know.
      I am not sure about reporting it. I have a feeling that it would just be considered to be ‘one of those things’. I think I may go and see the neighbour myself (when I have calmed down a little!) to see how he is going to ensure that the dog can’t get out again.

      • Jacq says:

        Well, for a maltese terrier that pretty damn hard-core. If it bit a wee kid that hard on the face it could lose an eye or worse.
        I’d have an ask around and see what your options are.

  2. yerda says:

    Laura, If a dog bites hard enough to pierce the skin you should report it. If they do it once they will do it again. Even if they treat it as “one of those things” at least you will have reported it and this may stop another child being badly injured. The next bite might be on a child’s face with devastating results. Remember the problems we had with the “big bad dog”!!!

  3. pamela krol says:

    OMG, hope ruby is ok. I have to agree with ur friends, I wld report it, maybe to have any action taken now but if it ever,[god forbid it] happened again at least there is report allready. On a happier note, we had sports day last wk, and isla has been picked as 1 of 12 from the school to go to mini olympics on mon. Take care. Xx

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