I still do

At this moment eleven years ago I was lying back in a rose petal bath relaxing and looking forward to the afternoon when I would marry my lovely Michael.  I can’t believe it has been eleven years already!

It has been a very eventful eleven years and I am so grateful that Michael and I have weathered it together!  I think when we first met, and even when we got married, there were those who thought it would never last (my Mum got him to re-upholster everything in the house really quickly when we first started going out together because she was sure he was too quiet for me!) but I am happy to be proving them wrong!  (and Mum is delighted to still have her own personal upholsterer ;-))

There are lots of wonderful things I could say about my lovely husband but as time goes by, the thing I am appreciating more and more is that I am always sure that Michael and I are on the same team.  He doesn’t always agree with me, he doesn’t always understand me, but he is always, always on my side.  

Tonight I looked through all my wedding pictures and chose these as my favourites – both were taken by guests but I feel that they tell more about the day than the official pics did.

This was a really joyous moment – I loved coming out of the church holding my new husband’s hand and seeing everyone who loved us smiling and clapping!

Michael and I catching our breath (and looking just a little bit shell-shocked!)  Good grief we were young!

Happy anniversary Michael – I was so happy and loved you so much on that day eleven years ago, but that was nothing compared to how happy and in love with you I am now!

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5 Responses to I still do

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    awwwww..that made me blub! LOL
    You did both look SO young, bless yas!
    Here’s to another happy and healthy 11 years and more x

  2. Jacq says:

    Awww lovely words and photos too. PMSL at your mother and her newly upholstered furniture though.

  3. She was so funny, every time he came out to dinner she would give him a piano stool/ottoman/dining chair! He was so quiet when we first started going out that she couldn’t see it lasting but he came out of his shell and we ran out of furniture so it all ended well! L x

  4. Yerda says:

    Happy Anniversary to both of you. It was a great wedding and a good start to married life. Enjoy!!

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