Blowing away the cobwebs

I got up this morning – eventually – totally knackered.  I had gone to bed really late and hadn’t slept all that well so I had to drag myself out of bed.  On days like this I can do one of two things, sit about being grumpy and doing nothing or get dressed and get out in the fresh air.  Today I did the second.  It was a gorgeous day, breezy but very bright, so it seemed a shame to waste it stuck indoors watching dvds!

Michael had gone in to do a few extra hours at work so the kids and I threw on some clothes, put the dog in the car and we set off for the reservoir.  I knew there was a reservoir somewhere but I had never been and didn’t quite know where.  I looked it up on Google Earth and we found our way with no problem.  It is only about ten minutes drive from our house.

Now Larry would have LOVED to go mental here and I would have LOVED to let him but there were guys fishing and I don’t think a fruit-loop spaniel splashing through your lines is conducive to landing a good catch!  So Larry had to stay on the lead – we have bought an extending lead for these occasions.  I don’t like them as everyday leads but there are so many places where dogs have to be on the lead that it was worth getting this so that he can have a bit more of a run and snuffle but not get us into trouble!

I love this picture – Alexander took it – check out his lugs!!

A & R loved running around and exploring too.  Alexander is still sure he is going to find gold!  He loves a good climb too!

It was great to get a bit of fresh air and helped to wake me up a bit!  When we had wandered around for as long as we wanted, we went back to the car but I wasn’t really ready to go home yet so we went to another park instead.  The Willows Reserve is a collection of historical buildings from the early settlement of Melton.  We chose the one time in the week that it is closed so we went to the park nearby instead. 

I love that the kids are old enough to play at the park without needing me right there so Larry and I wandered round the trails in the reserve.

You don’t get signs like this at Penicuik Park!

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2 Responses to Blowing away the cobwebs

  1. David says:

    Caution: Neds may be active around burns & surrounding parks in the warmer months. Wear cheap footwear or they’ll mug you, avoid the smell of chavs smoking grass and do not approach.

    Aww, now I miss Penicuik.

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