Linda’s Scarf/Shawl

I haven’t updated my blog recently because every spare minute has been spent making this for my cousin’s birthday …

It is a scarf/shawl – the sort you wear with the widest part to the front and the ends crossed over at the back and hanging to the front.  Is there a name for that kind of thing? Neither scarf nor shawl is right but I can’t think of it as my brain is mangled (more on that in a minute!)

I am so pleased with it.  I particularly like the lace edging …

It was not a difficult knit and I will definitely be making more of these!!  I made this one as part of a knit-along on which I would heartily recommend if you are remotely interested in knitting or crochet.  This pattern is Cladonia from Through the Loops the pattern is really well written and the finished product is so lovely I could hardly bear to part with it!

Linda’s birthday was on Saturday though and I think she liked her present!

I have a whole load of other projects in my mind but unfortunately real life keeps getting in the way of my making stuff!

The reason my brain is so frazzled tonight is that Ruby came through to our room last night with a sore tummy.  Michael de-camped to her room as he had to be up for work but I was up until 2am with her!  I have had 4.5 hours of sleep, my brain is not working and I am in a rubbish mood!  So I am off to bed in a grump, and if ANYONE wakes me before the morning I will not be held accountable for my actions!

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One Response to Linda’s Scarf/Shawl

  1. Yerda says:

    Hi Laura, Hope you are in better fettle when you get up! Lovely scrawl or was it sharf?

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