Who needs insulation?

While I was away in New Zealand a while back, Michael ‘organised’ all my knitting and sewing stuff by throwing it into two enormous boxes (to add to the existing three boxes of wool) and sticking them in the corner of our bedroom.  Bah!  Now, it was starting to take over the world – you couldn’t move without tripping over a ball of wool or a little fabric offcut but this harsh treatment of my pretty things was a bit much!

So after a month of rummaging through the two enormous boxes every time I needed a bit of ribbon or a specific crochet hook I decided that the time had come to sort it all out.

I dragged all the boxes into the dining room (I needed help to bring the big ones through!)

That’s Ruby hanging about like a little craft vulture hoping that I might throw something she could use out – ha ha, think again Ruby!  This was largely an organisation mission, not a decluttering because any piece of fabric bigger than a postage stamp has potential!

I sorted and reorganised things into the plethora of plastic boxes we have accumulated until it all looked like this

So here we have

  • First column – Needles & knitting stuff, Cotton, 4 ply, large box of Double Knitting
  • Second column – Bag of cross stitch stuff, unfinished projects, chunky/aran
  • Third Column – Haberdashery, threads, fastenings, beading stuff, clay
  • Fourth Column – Fleece, felt and cotton, thick fabric

So now I am on a mission to use this all up!  I am looking for patterns and tutorials online for lots of ideas to make things for gifts for other people so I get the pleasure of making something lovely and Michael gets the joy of it leaving our house!

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4 Responses to Who needs insulation?

  1. Brenny says:

    Wow Laura! That’s a stash to be proud of. You need to join Pinterest 😉 If you want an invite I can send you one or you can request one from the site – takes a bit longer that way I’ve been told. http://www.pinterest.com

    • Oooh, I would love an invite – I have been browsing your board and followed quite a few links. Lots of lovely things out there! If you could invite me I would really appreciate it!

  2. Brenny says:

    I have invited you via your yahoo address. Hope that’s the right e-mail to use? Hopefully you’ll be on there soon. Just be warned…it’s addictive……very addictive. Before you know it you’ll be saying ‘ I have to pin it’

  3. Yerda says:

    Well done on organising that lot Laura!

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