Operation Stashbuster – Dog Bed

My first stash busting project was a new bed for Larry.  He currently has

  • a nice big plastic dog bed with a fleece pad in our room – largely unused
  • the little navy bed we bought when we brought him home – still used but too small
  • Ruby’s bean bag – used a lot, he loves it but it’s not his and the noise of him getting comfy drives me potty!  Also, not so easy to wash.

And the final reason for making a new dog bed is that we are getting a new sofa and none of his current beds go with our living room colour scheme!!

Luckily, within my fabric stash I have a big offcut of soft, machine washable, brown fabric.

I initially bought this fabric to make an Obi Wan Kenobi cloak for Alexander’s seventh birthday. He loved the cloak and still wears it as a dressing gown. This remnant has travelled 10,000 miles so it’s time has come to fulfill it’s destiny!

Trying to measure anything out on the floor without Larry sitting on it is very tricky! 

Firstly, I folded the fabric and started to mark a circle.  I knew I wanted it to be 32 inches across so I made a mark in the middle and measured 16 inches out from it in all directions.

Supervision from a fluffy mutt is entirely optional!  You end up with two 32″ diameter circles.

Now to work out how much fabric I needed to make the sides I had to dig up my standard grade maths.  Diameter x pi = circumference, see, I was paying attention all those years ago and now I can apply it to a real life situation!  So 32×3.14=100.48  I added five inches on for seam allowances.  Now, because of the piece of fabric I have I had to join strips to make up this length.  Larry won’t mind though!

I made them 8 1/2 inches wide and 35 inches long, cut them out and sewed them together to make one long strip.  I pinned one long edge of the strip to one of the 32″ circles and sewed around.

Then I did the other side.  I had sewn all the way round but left a few inches of the seam allowance folded back and unsewn this leaves a gap between the ends of the long strip so that I can turn and stuff it here.  Does that make sense?  I sewed right along where the pins are in this pic, under the flaps of fabric.

I then turned the whole thing right side out and put it on the floor to see what the finished size would be – of course, Larry hopped on!!

Next came stuffing.  If you don’t have a husband who is an upholsterer then you could use the stuffing of some cheapy pillows – it is always cheaper to stuff things that way than to buy the bags of toy stuffing from fabric shops.  You could always go to an upholstery workshop and ask them to order a bag of stuffing for you.  I am lucky with my choice of enabler husband though and he indulges my requests with only the slightest rolling of eyes.

I stuffed the bed to make it puffy and chunky because Larry’s own puffy, chunky frame will flatten it soon enough! 

I hand-sewed it up with an invisible slip stitch – easy peasy to do but it makes the finish look nicer than anything a machine could do.

Ta da!  One bed for free, one happy dog and one little space made in my fabric stash!

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2 Responses to Operation Stashbuster – Dog Bed

  1. Yerda says:

    Love it! What a lucky dog.

  2. Jacqui says:

    Fantastic Laura

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