Ok, here’s a confession – well, not really because it’s not shameful or embarrassing so I guess it’s more of a ‘fact about me’ but that’s not very gripping is it?!!

Anyway, confession/fact – I am a sucker for any sort of time related challenge.  We have done ‘vegetarian month’ to counteract ‘Week O’Steak’.  I once took part in a ’31 days to a cleaner house’ challenge but bailed after a week – I was eight months pregnant so that’s my excuse on that one!  I am currently doing my own ‘Operation Stashbuster’ (though I haven’t put a time on that as it is an ongoing struggle!) and last month I took part in ‘Skirtember’!

The concept was simple, wear a skirt every day for the month of September. That’s it, no other rules, just wear a skirt and upload pictures of yourself to the facebook group created for the occassion!

 My collection of skirts was somewhat pitiful.  I have several denim skirts which don’t fit, a few more suitable to days more summery than we were experiencing, a couple of plain black ones and a couple that I do actually wear quite regularly.  I bought a couple of new skirts to add to my collection and I found one or two at the local charity shop so going into the month I had 13 wearable skirts.

So that was it!  I wore skirts and Alexander took pictures at “arty”angles!

I wore a skirt to take the kids to school …..

I wore summery skirts on sunny days ….

And warmer skirts on chilly days … (ah spring!)

When I ran out of skirts, I made my own!

And most contraversially of all, I wore skirts to work … (you’re jealous of my lovely ‘chest infection phlegm’ shirt aren’t you?!)

None of the other receptionists EVER wear skirts.  It’s not that we’re not allowed, it’s just that no-one does.  It’s not like we do handstands while making appointments though so I thought ‘why not?’!  Explaining my participation in ‘Skirtember’ to my collegues was somewhat baffling to them I think.  They haven’t had the long term exposure to my penchant for random whims that my Scottish friends and family have endured enjoyed!  No, it wasn’t for charity.  No, it wasn’t to raise awareness for anything.  Yes, it is just ‘wearing a skirt’!!  They are lovely girls though and indulged me!

Well, now it’s October and I have to say I was quite happy to get back to my jeans and cropped trousers, but I have been inspired by Skirtember in several ways:

  • I *will* wear skirts more often from now on.  It is too easy to just pull on the same jeans and t-shirt every day and that’s just boring!
  • I have started a running program because looking at my big tree-trunk legs in photographs was just too depressing!
  • I have found loads more online tutorials for making my own skirts so I plan to make more to use up more fabric!!
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4 Responses to Skirtember

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hello! I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I am enjoying it very much. Funnily enough your writing and photos remind a lot me of a good friend who did the opposite move (kind of), from Australia to London, and her husband has the same name as yours too! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and I love the Skirtember idea – I also never wear skirts although I used to so I have quite a few – my problem is never having any tops that go with them. I shall also be Googling 31 days to a cleaner house, although will probably bail after day one.

  2. Nicola Henry says:

    ha ha! I love it! I especially love the skirt you made.
    Honestly, i don’t own one skirt! That’s terrible isn’t it! I have lots and lots of dresses, but they are mostly for parties or weddings, a few for the summer, but I no actual skirts!
    See ya…..I am off to online skirt shop! x

  3. David Smith says:

    What an incredible coincidence! I’m six days in to Trouserstober – so far I’ve remembered to put on my trousers every single day before leaving for work. With any luck this won’t turn into the frostbitten farce that Shirtruary turned in to.

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