Djerriwarrh Festival

The area where we life is in the Djerriwarrh district (pronounced Jerry Wah Rah) and every year there is a big festival in the town.  I posted some pics last year of us at the fireworks at night.  I remember being amazed that I was sitting outside, in November wearing 3/4 length trousers and flip-flops!  Last year I had just started working at the clinic and this was the first weekend that I had to work all by myself so I didn’t get to go to any of the festival activities.  This year, I am very glad it was not my weekend to work though as Ruby was singing with the school choir on the community stage and she was soooooo excited about it!

We got ourselves all organised for our day out.  Today was the first really hot day of the year so we had to pack a typical ‘Aussie Day Out’ handbag …

I knew that we would run out of water within about half an hour but there was no way I was carrying more!  I still had my camera to put on top of all that!

We got to the fairground and there was a huge circle of tents with all the different clubs and organisations of the town giving away information and offering demos and freebies.  We had time for a go at the pony club horseshoe throwing

(and can we have a big ‘HURRAH’ for the first picture of Ruby in nine months when her skin is not really bad round her mouth?!!  Poor wee soul wanted to cut her own head off two weeks ago, it was so bad, but the last few days have been really good – long may it continue!)

Alexander and Michael had a go at the tennis too

Until fairly recently Alexander was planning on becoming a professional tennis player – despite never having played anything more than ‘swingball’ in the garden!  His plan was that he would become a pro tennis player and win Wimbledon – all that would take just two weeks of his year but he would get loads of prize money and could spend the rest of the year playing computer games or just doing what he wanted without having to work.  Genius!  He held this plan for at least a year and really couldn’t see any problem with it coming to fruition 🙂

So anyway, then we had to get over to the community stage where the act before was performing her set.  She was a teenage girl (16?) called Holly Marie who was a really good singer.  No nerves, really comfortable with the audience, lovely voice – I was all for her until she introduced her last song as ‘a real oldie’ and it was ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer which was out when I was in high school.  That made me feel like a proper grandma!  Still, she was very good!

Ruby did really well with the choir.  She belted out all the words – hopefully to all the right notes and did the actions with gusto!  (She’s just to the right of the teacher in this pic)

She was really proud of herself for having done it.  She’s still a shy wee thing most of the time and so it’s a big achievement for her to get up and do stuff like this.  I think choir has been good for her at school though and she seems to really enjoy it.  I was so proud of her!

After the choir we endured enjoyed a performance by the recorder group.  I do apologise to anyone who ever had to come and see me play the recorder at school (or listen to me practise at home!).

We went to a few more organisations.  There was the town hockey team

and an assault course (Ruby under the net and Alexander jumping in the background!)

some footie skills trainingAnd then there was a little petting zoo which Ruby LOVED! 

We did, of course, run out of water.  So we stopped for a drink in the blazing sun!

I liked this tree – it looks very Aussie to me!

We came home for bit and then went back out for the fireworks.  We took our deckchairs and some snacks to pass the time between staking our claim to a good vantage point and the fireworks actually being set off.  We were happy to share – despite the expressions captured in this pic!

Do you think Michael caught a wee bit of the sun today?!  He does this every year – first sunny day he comes home like a beetroot!

By now it was after nine o’clock and Ruby was tired and grumpy.  She wanted to see the fireworks but really needed to be in bed so there would be no nice pictures of her posing with her Mummy!

So we did grumpy faces instead

Then the fireworks started.  I am no good at taking pictures of fireworks, I have never worked out what the best setting is but here are a few that turned out ok!

Those are my favourite fireworks, the ones that burst and then look like a weeping willow tree 🙂

It took five minutes to walk back to the car and another five to drive home.  Ruby was asleep before we pulled into our drive and has gone to bed in her clothes!

It was a good day!

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2 Responses to Djerriwarrh Festival

  1. Yerda says:

    Big Hugs to Ruby for a good job with the choir!! Looks like you all had a good day. Be with you soon!!!!!!!

  2. sarah says:

    Well done Ruby, I think you were very brave! wish it was as warm here in November x

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