A Liebster Award for Living The Park Life!

Isn’t the internet a funny thing?  I have friends all over the world who I have never met, I’ve never even heard some of their voices and yet I know lots of very small, sometimes quite personal details about them.  I know the sleeping arrangements of the members of their households, I know what their children have nightmares about, I know what most of their kids looked like on their first days at school, I know when their grandparents are sick and when their pets go to the vet – all because of the internet!

I know this sounds like very off-topic rambling but stick with me!

When I was pregnant (honestly, I will get to the point soon!!) and when I was a work at home Mum, I was a part of a few online forums.  Through these, I met LOTS of people – some of them (quite a lot of them actually) were total nutters but some of them were really lovely and while I don’t go on any forums anymore, I am very glad that I can count them as friends.

Anyway, to my point!

One of these forum friends also writes a blog.  Her name is Jacq and her blog is www.mymumdom.com and she has been kind enough to give me a ‘Liebster Award’ which is a kind of linky-uppy thing for smaller blogs. 

Jacq is originally from New Zealand but now lives in London with her husband, four very entertaining children (entertaining as in they all seem real characters, not in a ‘Tarquin just learned to ride a unicycle’ kind of way) and two dogs.  She trained as a vet and now provides a fantastic service as ‘The Visiting Vet’   which allows pets to be treated for routine things in their own homes rather than having to take them into the vet clinic.  Now, we don’t have a problem with Larry, he loves going to the vet and sits staring at the cupboard where the liver treats are kept completely oblivious to the vet sticking things into him or cutting stuff off him but I can really see the benefits of having the vet come to you as the two cats we used to have would turn themselves inside out before they would let you get them in their carrier!  Jacq blogs about her kids – the highs and lows (which is lovely for me because it reminds me that I am not the only one who has less-than-perfect parenting days :-)), their fabulous holidays – four children under ten doesn’t stop them from having adventurous holidays and her animals (we all followed the missing hamster saga with baited breath – would it be caught before Willow the loopy Lurcher found it?!) amongst other things.  She has a very funny and honest way of writing and I urge you to subscribe to her blog if you haven’t already 🙂

I haven’t blogged for ages because, quite frankly, I don’t think I have anything very interesting to say but Jacq said in her post that the theme of her awards list (you are supposed to pass the award on to five other bloggers) was ‘People I wish would post more often’ which is very sweet of her and has given me a little new-found enthusiasm to blog some more.

The only problem with getting this award is the passing on bit.  I don’t really read many other small blogs.  I am a big fan of www.thefrugalgirl.com and www.crappypictures.com (though both of these are waaaay outside the ‘small blogs’ category!) Mostly I just flit from one blog to another, following links that people post on facebook.

For the moment I can only think of two people to pass the award on to

1. I have another found-on-a-forum friend called Tracey who writes a blog about moving with her family to Portugal  at www.handsinportugal.wordpress.com . They moved there at about the same time we moved here so we have been through the emigrating stuff together.  Though I think she is much braver than us to move somewhere with such a tricky languageto learn!!  Tracey blogs about the beautiful places they are discovering near their new home, how her boys are transitioning to portuguese school and her new love of baking!  Go on, subscribe to her too!!

2. I went to school with Nicola from www.lifeonorchardroad.blogspot.com She danced and travelled the world for years in the touring production of Mamma Mia and has recently got married, bought a house and is settling down in style!  She blogs about interior design and her new found love of knitting!

So there you are ladies, consider yourselves Liebstered!

I will go off and prepare a catch up post on what has been going on over the last couple of months and be back soon.

Thanks Jacq!

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3 Responses to A Liebster Award for Living The Park Life!

  1. Nicola Henry says:

    Thank you Laura! Very cool. But I am just glad you have started writing your blog again. x

  2. Tracey Hand says:

    Thanks for the mention, Laura!
    I’ll ponder on who I could pass on to!

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