Not well

The good thing about working in a doctor’s surgery is that you get really personalised care and you don’t have to wait with all the coughing masses, instead you can have a cup of tea with your buddies while you wait for the doc!  The bad thing about working in a doctor’s surgery is that at some point your boss is going to see you with your clothes off!

At the end of January I wasn’t feeling very well.  I won’t go into detail but I ended up the the sort of position that, in most jobs, would mean either an industrial tribunal or excellent evidence for blackmail!

I was ordered to go to bed and stay there for two days at the least.  Well, I did, I slept for 48 hours, took lots of medication and I felt marginally better but still not great.  And the worst thing, even worse than being in pain, was that I couldn’t eat without feeling sick and in worse pain!  Anyone who knows me even a teeny bit knows that I love my food! 

In the last month I have lost 6 kilos (just short of a stone!) and I had to buy a pair of size 10 jeans – I haven’t been a size ten since I WAS ten!!  Usually this would have me jumping up and down with delight but seriously, I just want a roast beef and gravy roll!!!

Today my boss sent me to a specialist, he poked and prodded and stuck things where people don’t usually stick things.  Then he gave me a truck load of pills and an appointment for an operation in two weeks time.  If the pills work then I might not need the op but we’re covering all bases.

Apparently I will walk out of the op with up to four small scars on my tummy – ah well, there go my bikini modelling contracts 😉 Each of those scars will set me back about a days wages.  I do miss the NHS!

The whole system here is very weird.  In the UK, if you need something done, you’ll get it, you might have to wait for it, but you know you’ll go in, get what you need and you never need to think what it is going to cost you.  Here, any time any of us get any sort of treatment I panic because I don’t know how much we will be charged.  The way it works is that the doctor charges you, then you can claim part of that charge back from the government.  It’s a weird system but everyone seems to think that this is normal (which I suppose it is, to them). 

I also have to book my own anaesthetist!  I can choose from the three names provided but I have to phone them up myself and see if they will be free that day!  I don’t know what will happen if all of them have plans …  I don’t know how to choose between them either, I mean, it’s just three names on a piece of paper – how do I know who is least likely to let me wake up while the surgeon is rummaging about in my nethers? 

I am looking at the whole episode as a learning experience to further our integration to life in Australia, and hoping I get my roast beef and gravy roll soon!!

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4 Responses to Not well

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    oh dear!
    Get well soon, Laura!!

  2. sarah says:

    Oh No! I can’t understand why the Americans are so scared of the NHS when we all think its the thing in the UK to be the most proud of! I do hope the pills work and you can avoid meeting the chosen person from the list.

    • I know, I love the NHS. I am horrified with the cutbacks they are facing recently. As you say it should be the one area where the UK is head and shoulders above the rest of the world.

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