Third time lucky!

In my catch up post I mentioned that we decided to move the kids from the school they were at because Ruby was struggling socially.

It was a really hard decision to make but it was finally decided when I asked Ruby, “Would you rather move somewhere where you know NO-ONE and it might be just the same or stay where you are now?” and she replied, “Well, it can’t be any worse than it is just now so I’d rather move.” Isn’t that a horrible statement for a seven year old to make?

We knew it was a gamble. At least the way things were we had one happy child, Alexander was trotting along quite happily with just his usual complaints about how school was ruining his life and homework was unnecessary – which I consider to be normal nine year old boy behaviour. No parent can be happy with just 50% satisfaction from their offspring though!

So we bought the ridiculously overpriced book packs from the new school (FOUR 30cm rulers each?!!! We will be wading through the damn things by the time they graduate at this rate!), we went to the school uniform shop and bought uniforms for our third school in eighteen months!

The day came and they were all ready to go. We had the usual rigmarole of getting them to stand as if they know each other, look in the same direction and smile – all with the added time pressure of getting to school!

And the reward for getting a reasonable picture is that they get to do a silly face one too …

So we drove along to their new school, found out where their classrooms are and as they are in grade 3 and 4 now, I just had to drop them at the door. That felt very wrong. I wanted to take them into their classrooms, find their desk, tell the teacher and their new classmates just how lucky they are to have this wonderful person in their midst and that they had better be nice to them or I would be back for revenge. That’s probably a bit much for a first day though so I just gave them a hug and pushed them through the door.

They’ve been back at school for a month now and they are LOVING it!

Ruby has a selection of little friends, no mention of any ‘mean girls’ and one special wee friend who she has really clicked with.  She bounces into school all excited about what the day will hold and comes barrelling out at the end of the day full of news.  🙂

Alexander is often seen at the front of what can only be described as a ‘pack’ of hot and sweaty little boys, rampaging round the playground. In other words, nothing has changed for him!

We are still holding our breath a little but so far the gamble seems to be paying off!

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One Response to Third time lucky!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Fantastic news, Laura. I know it was such a dilemma for you. Here’s hoping both children flourish in their new school x

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