Museum on a rainy day

The weather has taken a turn for the minging.  Just a week ago we were all ROASTING in temperatures around 38c – then all of a sudden that ***** ‘The Cool Change’ blew in and suddenly we were reaching for our cardis and contemplating – shock horror – long trousers!

We’d sort of forgotten what to do in rubbish weather as it has been reasonable (at the very least) for months now! 

Luckily, Alexander came to the rescue with his new obsession – Aborigines.  He was out with my Mum and Dad a week or two ago and somehow got onto sharpening sticks and listening to Rolf Harris sing ‘Sunrise’, then he came home, painted himself with white face paint and built a shelter under the pergola (locally pronounced p’gaaawla) using random stuff we had lying around.

This may seem terribly un-PC but really it is just a little boy learning and using his imagination and I hope that is how everyone would see it 🙂  He asked me the other day, ‘Do we have any Aboriginal blood?’, and he was very disappointed to be told no, absolutely not, ‘Maybe really, really, really far back?’.  No, it’s just not going to happen Alexander, but we can still appreciate the culture.

So anyway, we decided to go to the big museum in the city to look round their Aboriginal exhibits and now the weather is rubbish it was just the sort of day for it.

We had a look at some of the artwork – Ruby chose this as her favourite

and this was Alexander’s favourite

I liked this one

Oops, I didn’t ask Michael which was his favourite so here’s a picture of him reading out the description for the kids

Unfortunately, that was all there was of the aboriginal exhibit because they are re-doing it all and it won’t be open again until 2013!  The luck of the Parks strikes again!!

Still, there is plenty to see at the museum so we looked around the other exhibits.

I love the tapestries on the walls upstairs

this is a great sentiment 🙂

Alexander found a friend in the Evolution Gallery

We went to find the kids’ favourite animals (incidentally, last time we were here, this was the bit that was being redone!)

Here is a meerkat sniffing Alexander’s ear

And a wombat sniffing Ruby’s bahookie!!

On the way home we popped in to see Jeni, Dave and Ciaran.  I cannot tell you how excited Alexander is that there is finally a boy friend-cousin!

And is there anything more heart-melty than one’s husband holding a baby (even if the baby isn’t ours – I’m not choosy!)

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6 Responses to Museum on a rainy day

  1. sarah says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s great fun.

  2. Thanks Sarah, I’m glad you like it! L xxx

  3. Michaela says:

    Bit of mutual appreciation going on with Ciaran and Michael by the looks xxx

  4. Nicola Henry says:

    Aw, look at Jeni’s wee one, so gorgeous! x

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