A is for Aussies

My friend Tracey writes a blog about her and her family moving to Portugal.  A friend of hers set up a bloggy linky thing for people to do their personal A-Z.  Some people do an A-Z of gardening, some people do an A-Z of cooking, Tracey is doing an A-Z of their move to Portugal and so I thought I would do an A-Z of our life here for days that are less than inspiring on their own (my only other story today was about someone letting their dog crap RIGHT at our front door so I am sure you’ll agree that this is a MUCH better option!!)

So, here we go …

A is for Aussies.

We have been so lucky since we moved here, people have been really welcoming and chatty.  The Australians we have met have been, without exception, helpful and friendly.

It’s a funny thing because most people where we live are either immigrants themselves or are only second or third generation Australians so there is this common bond and people will often ask us, “So, how long you been here?” and when we reply that we’ve been here about eighteen months they smile and say, “Aww, just new then.” and EVERY SINGLE ONE asks, “Do you like it?”.  They are always really pleased when we say yes, it was the best decision we ever made. 

I have had that EXACT conversation with bank tellers, patients at work, radiographers covering my tummy in jelly, shop assistants lifting giant bags of dog food into our car.  Sometimes we get a story about their emigration or where their parents came from – especially if there is a Scottish connection and it’s nice to think that all these ‘proper’ Australians feel they have something in common with us.  It’s nicer still to think that in twenty years time Alexander might be sharing our story with a newcomer.

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7 Responses to A is for Aussies

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Welcome to “the Dark Side” of the A-Z challenge 🙂

  2. ferragudofan says:

    welcome on board! and it’s good to know that you felt you made the right decision in moving abroad – it’s quite a long way from Scotland?!

  3. Welcome to the merry band of A to Zers 🙂

  4. Sami says:

    Welcome to the A-Z challenge Laura. I see you are in Melbourne, we live in Perth. I get the same sort of comments and have always felt welcome as well.

    • Thank you! I’m glad to hear you feel the same over on the other side of the country. My friend’s sister moved to Perth and loves it too – we’re hoping to get over there next year. Are you all roasting just now?!!

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