Ruby’s Reading Cushion

In my ongoing quest to use up the mountain of fabric in my almighty stash, I set about a new project today.  First, a little back story …

Apparently a girl in Ruby’s class has a ‘reading corner’ in her bedroom.  I LOVE the idea of a reading corner and of anything that encourages children to enjoy being lost in a good book.  However, as I have mentioned previously, Ruby’s room is a source of constant frustration as she is completely incapable of keeping it tidy.  I have spent DAYS clearing and organising it, she LOVES when it is clean and tidy and PROMISES that she will keep it nice then approximately twenty minutes later it looks like someone has gone in and stirred it with a stick!

So instead of a ‘reading corner’ she currently has a ‘crap that has been tipped out of her school bag’ corner and a ‘clothes she took out and then decided not to wear’ corner (this is so close to the ‘clothes she has worn but hasn’t put into the washing basket because the washing basket is being used as a boat for soft toys’ corner that eventually I know I am going to just have to wash all of them!)

So I have started working on a stealth mission.  I have been moving out toys that she no longer plays with, stashed some in the garage and handed some into the charity shop.  I went through all her clothes and took out anything she never wears and either donated it to charity or kept it for another project I have in mind (yes, I know, I am as bad as she is!).  I need another full day when she is not home and then I will have it all nice and empty – if there’s nothing in there then she can’t make a mess, can she?  Can she?!

Now, back to my sewing project for the day.  I decided to make a little floor cushion for Ruby to have in a reading corner.  I didn’t have a pattern but I had a picture in my head so I just thought I would wing it 😉

 A while back, Michael brought me a HUGE stack of fabric scraps from his work.  They were all just going to be thrown out otherwise and Michael knows that I can’t bear the thought that fabric won’t achieve it’s destiny 🙂

I was very good and went through the stack of fabric and gave some to the Guides but I had a nice big pile left for myself.

I went through it today and pulled out a few velvety off-cuts.

Of course the minute I put them on the floor to photograph, this happened …

Phew, just as well you’re here Larry because that fabric could have blown away at any second!

I cut out two circles, then worked out the circumference of the circle using my twenty year old standard grade maths 🙂  I divided the circumference by eight and added a little bit back on for seam allowances.  That number was the width of the top and bottom of my panels, I made the middle of the panel 10cm wider so that the cushion would be like a beach ball.  I cut out eight panels and then worked out what order they should be in.

I sewed all the panels together

Then I sewed the circles to the top and bottom.  I had to use pins on this bit to make sure I didn’t get any bunching.  I don’t usually bother with pins but I am glad I did here because it took a little bit of adjustment. 

So then I just had to turn it inside out and stuff it.

I decided against a zip because that is more faff that I was prepared for today and I decided to stuff it with polyester rather than bean bag balls because I HATE the noise of bean bag balls and the chances of them ending up all over the floor in Ruby’s room are just a bit too high for my liking!

I closed it up with a hidden slip stitch and then it was all finished!

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I’m sure Ruby will be too but I will keep it as a surprise until her room is sorted!

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3 Responses to Ruby’s Reading Cushion

  1. Jacq says:

    Waaaah! You are so clever. I couldn’t even wok out how that was going to work as a cushion until that final picture!

  2. Yerda says:

    Nice one Laura!!!!

  3. Lana says:

    That is FANTASTIC! I have a bit of black velvet upholstery fabric I bought last month lying on the guest bed waiting for an inspiration. Something will reveal itself I am sure, but I don’t know when. Your own project is a work of art. I can’t wait to see how Ruby reacts.

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