Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday.  It was also the busiest day I have had for AGES – and I’ve had some pretty busy days!!

After dropping the kids at school I dashed to the shops to pick up a few things we needed then it was back to school for the swimming carnival.  Alexander missed out on a place because someone pushed in front of him in the sign up line apparently.  Ruby had signed up for the backstroke and the freestyle relay in the age 8-9 category (although she is only 7 – she is younger than everyone else in her year).  Now, while she has come on leaps and bounds (or paddles and splashes) in the last eighteen months I was a bit concerned that she would be left behind and then be upset.  She looks teeny up there waiting to dive in…

I needn’t have worried.  She was a star!  She came third in the backstroke and second in the relay.  She was so proud of her ribbons 🙂 

I was so proud of her and could honestly have cried when all the kids in her school house were shouting ‘Go Ruby!  Go Ruby!’ and cheering for her.  I am just so glad that she has been accepted at this school!

So from there I dashed home, threw some dinner into the slow cooker then zoomed down to Mum’s house for lunch.  She had invited lots of girlfriends for lunch to celebrate International Women’s Day.  It was lovely to have a blether!  While we were lunching, Dad came up to my house and fitted locking door handles to our bedroom, bathroom and loo.  It was a faffy job and we’d NEVER have got round to it so I was very grateful to him!  Now I can have a bath in peace without someone deciding that they must, at this very second, brush their teeth!!

After lunch I whizzed back to school to collect the kids and then back to Mum and Dad’s to leave Alexander there while I went back to school for ‘Meet The Teacher’ interviews.  I ‘could’ have just insisted that he stay with me as they were only five minute interviews but I knew that if he stayed at my folks’ then he would get all his homework finished and this was the only chance of the day to do it!

I met the kids’ teachers.  Alexander has apparently settled in really well, he continues to be well behaved but vocal in class with lots of opinions and knowledge to impart!!  His teacher says that he is learning a lot about Scotland from Alexander!  He also said that he is really funny and popular within the class.  All good there!  He also mentioned that Ruby is a beautiful girl (meant in the Australian sense of the word which is not necesarily aesthetically beautiful but more like ‘great’ or ‘fantastic’) – she’s not in his class but as they have composite classes both A & R are in grade 3/4 and Mr S has seen her about a lot in shared activities.  He commented on her swimming today and said he was really impressed that she held her own against much bigger girls 🙂

Then to Ruby’s teacher, she said that Ruby has settled perfectly, she seems as if she has been here since day one.  She has lots of friends in class and contributes well to every area of their learning.  She knew a little of the turmoil we’d had last year and urged me to speak to her straight away if we have any concerns but she certainly has no concern about Ruby’s integration to her new surroundings.  Phew!

So then back to Mum and Dad’s to get the boy (Ruby had come with me hoping to get a nosy in on the discussion but she had to stay outside!) and back home to throw some dinner down our necks before running out the door again!

Alexander had soccer training and Ruby and I had Guides.  It’s usually on a Tuesday night but this week is the 21st birthday of the Bacchus Marsh Blossom Guides so we took the girls out to a gymnastics centre and they could only do that on a Thursday.  So I spent my birthday evening with 17 little girls 🙂

On my way home Michael said to meet him at the shopping centre so that I could choose my present.  He bought me a lovely Pandora bracelet and he, Ruby and Alexander chose a charm each for it.

Michael’s is the silver hearts, Ruby’s is the red glass and Alexander’s is the kangaroo.  I LOVE it!

It has been a busy old day but all good busy!

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Brenny says:

    Happy Birthday! I love that picture of Ruby- the picture of happiness. It brought a tear to my eye. She looks very happy to have her ribbons. I used to get those kind of ribbons when we had sports day in Canada. So happy Ruby is settled & has found some friends.

  2. Tracey Hand says:

    Awww.. even I nearly cried at Ruby’s class cheering her on (and I most certainly would have if it’d been me LOL)

    Fantastic news that both A & R have settled so well in their new school. So quickly too! You’ll feel so much better knowing that R is happier, I’m sure.

    Glad you had a good (if busy!) birthday.
    Hope you found some time to just sit and chill at some point too x

  3. Michaela Smith says:

    My heart was in my mouth at the picture of teeny Ruby waiting ti race against that big girl ….and then soared for her when the next pic showed her so proud and happy.
    So delighted for you`all that it is all working now
    Much love to you ..Happy Birthday xx
    M xx

  4. Fantastic to hear A & R have settled so quickly and well done Ruby on her swimming achievements! I love the bracelet too – what a lovely present, especially as each of them chose a charm! xx

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