We’re at it again!

You may remember that just before Mum and Dad arrived in November we put up a new wall and redecorated our dining/family room.

Well Michael didn’t like it.  He didn’t like the green and it didn’t grow on him as I’d thought it might so we decided to change it.  Michael started by doing the ceilings about five hundred times (it was probably only three times but with at least a week in between so it felt like more!!) because he kept seeing bits that looked different in different lights. 

Now this was the holiday weekend so we decided to make a concerted effort to get it all done.  We’re also having visitors soon and we both work much better to a deadline!  I hate the upheaval of redecorating because the whole house ends up looking like this

First off, we covered the green wall with a white primer.  So long ‘Equatorial Forest’, I guess you were an acquired taste!!  Michael already preferred it!

Michael had filled a few little dents and scuffs on the cream wall so while we were waiting for the primer to dry we did another coat on the cream to freshen it up and hide the filler.

Larry helped us out in the only way he knows how – by holding the dust sheets down!

We had a quick stop for dinner then it was onto the blue – ‘Cool Store’ to be precise!  We decided to paint all the way into the kitchen this time rather than stopping at the sliding doors.

We have one more coat to do then we’ll take off the masking tape, which will inevitably pull off half the paint and we’ll have to redo bits, but I am trying to think positively!  Maybe when we’re finished this we won’t do any painting for at least six months!

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6 Responses to We’re at it again!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    You’re such busy bees!
    I’m rather envious of you guys having your own place to customise. I can’t imagine that we’ll ever actually own a place here. Certainly not in the near future anyway.
    Enjoy your new look room(s) and enjoy your visitors! xx

    • Thanks Tracey – I am looking forward to the visitors much more than finishing the room!! I do love having our own place to make our own. Renting scares the bejesus out of me!! L xxx

  2. sarah says:

    We’re doing a lot of decorating at the moment too and I must admit i like the thought but not a big fan of the doing.

    How are your folks finding life out there? Are they making their own circle of friends etc? It must be a massive change for them.

    • I like the big dramamtic changes but not the fiddly details so I do the big roller stuff and Michael gets the edges and the finishing touches – we play to our strengths!

      Thanks for asking after my folks, they are doing really well. They have been settling right into their own house and getting everything fixed up there – they look like they’ve been here for years, they’re much more organised than we are 🙂 L xxx

  3. Michaela says:

    Go Larry !! sterling job as always

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