Recycling – riveting title huh?

The big supermarket here – Coles – has started (or maybe started a while ago but I never noticed) a new initiative that I LOVE!

You know how when you sort your recycling you can put out paper, card, tins, glass and certain plastics?  Well we always seem to have loads of OTHER plastics too.  Bread bags, bags that loose veggies came in, frozen broccoli bags (we go through LOADS of broccoli!!) as well as carrier bags.  I do take canvas bags with me to the supermarket (because Tim Minchin says so ;-)) but we still seem to end up with loads from when we just pop in for something.  I even have funky tiny clip on bags from here which are AWESOME and have lasted for YEARS but still, the plastic carrier bags keep appearing.

So now Coles are taking back any soft plastic packaging – as well as any torn reusable bags – and are turning them into furniture for school playgrounds.  It’s a great initiative and a win/win situation – I get more room in my bin, I get to feel all worthy because I am recycling more and kids get free furniture.

If you are in Australia then you can join in, there is a big bin in each store to stuff your old bags into.  If you are not in Australia then maybe there is a similar scheme where you are – but at the very least, try to do as Tim says and take your canvas bags to the supermarket!!

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One Response to Recycling – riveting title huh?

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    That’s good, Laura
    Recycling here is pretty good. Our recycling is paper/card, glass and “packaging” with “packaging” covering pretty much everything else!
    In fact, along with the packaging, paper/card and glass bins, we also have food bins so really, little needs to go onto the “waste” bins at all!

    Of course, we rarely use plastic bags from supermarkets either so our plastics pile is definitely less than some!

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