Ruby’s Birthday Surprise

Next week is Ruby’s birthday.  We had absolutely no idea what to get as a present for her.  She has EVERYTHING she could possibly want and hadn’t asked for anything in particular.  As I have mentioned before, her room is a constant source of frustration for me as she is so messy so I wasn’t relishing adding anything else to the mix!

I had the idea of decorating her bedroom as her birthday present but Michael was not keen.  I understand his reluctance, we have been in a constant state of redecoration for MONTHS and there is *stuff* everywhere.  However, he relented because he is very used to indulging my whims 🙂 He is a very good sort!

Ruby was going to a friend’s birthday sleepover last night so this was the PERFECT opportunity to surprise her!  We dropped her off at 5.30pm and her room looked like this ..

I know, I know!

We emptied her room, wiped down the walls, hoovered up a couple of spiders, then masking taped the edges and put down dust sheets.

Then it was time for the paint!!  Like the rest of the house – Ruby’s room was plain, boring white (she more than made up for the lack of colour in the walls by leaving a rainbow of crap all over the floor!)  We chose a colour called ‘Sugar Baby’ which is a kind of lilacy-pink. 

We had the first coat finished by 9pm.  I used the drying time in between coats to put new sheets on Ruby’s bed.  I got lovely, soft flannel sheets which are just ASKING to be snuggled into!!  I also used this time to make a couple of pictures for her wall.  The first is a quote I saw which reminded me of Ruby.  She often gets discouraged because other people are better at things than she is so this seemed perfect for her …

I also remembered a lovely poem I read when Ruby was about four months old.  It reminded me of her when I read it.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I read it or who wrote it (and Google is coming up with nothing!) so I can’t give credit to the author but I hope that whoever they are will forgive me because I loved it so much that I wrote it down, put it in a file and it has travelled all the way round the world waiting for a time when I could make something pretty with it for my girl!

Michael did the second coat and we were in bed just after midnight.

I was back up at 7.30am tidying through all the boxes and deciding what should go back in.  I decided to go with ‘not much’! 

We had to pick her up at 10.30am and as I was leaving Michael was still attaching the mirror to the back of her door (Ruby has a new love affair with mirrors!)

When she came home the room looked like this

And from a slightly different angle …

This was her reaction (click the underlined text and it will take you to You Tube)

She was utterly delighted!  We couldn’t have given her anything she would have liked more.

She picked out a book straight away …

… so that she could try out the new reading cushion 🙂

I went out to see if I could find a little white desk to add to her room and when I got back, this is what I found …

Wasn’t I right about those sheets?

We still have things we want to do with her room (I’d really like to paint her furniture white, I’d love to get nicer carpet etc) but I love the changes that we made – and most importantly, Ruby does too!

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5 Responses to Ruby’s Birthday Surprise

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Awwww gorgeous. What a fantastic present and so pleasd that R loved it 🙂

    • It’s so girly, she is just beside herself! (How did your cookies turn out?) L xxx

      • Tracey Hand says:

        Ohh, they came out really well actually. Definitely high sugar compared to my usual recipe (and I subbed the butter for margarine) but yum.
        I did forget that you’d said the recipe makes 30+ though. You weren’t kidding lol
        Now, I have to try not to eat them 😀 xx

  2. Jacq says:

    Oh sweet. I’m in awe of you though because I spent a couple of hours yesterday building a bed for DS and I was exhausted. I can’t imagine how you’d tidy and redecorate a room in less than a day!

    • Once we get going, Michael is the driving force – I have to admit it! I’m the one who gets us going but he is the finisher! There is still a lot of tidying to do as we just boxed up a lot of the stuff that was lying about the floor but I can do that a little bit at a time! L xxx

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