A day in the life of a birthday girl!

Today is Ruby’s birthday!  How did she get to be eight?!!!!  It seems that is was just moments ago that we brought this little, hairy baby home.

Oh, my uterus just skips a beat when I look at this photo!  She was such a snuggly baby!

This morning I got up super early so that I could make her favourite breakfast – Apfel Pfannkuchen.  It takes much longer than our usual yoghurt/cereal/toast/fruit breakfast stuff!  It is always worth it though because it just starts the day off with something a little bit special and as I wasn’t going to be with her all day I wanted to cram as much special in as I could!

Ruby always looks a bit dishevelled in the morning – as does Apfel Pfannkuchen when it has been dished up, but both are yummy!!

Yesterday I made another batch of chocolate chip cookies for her to take in to school to share.  I went as far as to weigh each ball of cookie dough so that the biscuits were all the same size (the recipe I shared the other day yields 40x30g cookies) so that there would be no arguments in class!

I am always a bit nervous about taking things into school to share in case I am the cause of some poor child having a massive anaphylactic reaction!  I know it’s highly unlikely but I still wrote all the ingredients on the box for Ruby to take in with her!  I realised after I took the picture that I had forgotten to add ‘chocolate’ to the ingredient list – doh!  Something of a vital ingredient in chocolate chip cookies!!

Well after that I had to dash off to work and Ruby had to spend her birthday day at school but as she is so happy at this school now, it wasn’t too much of a hardship!

After work I zoomed up the road and made Ruby’s birthday cake.  While I did that, the kids tidied up all the decorating stuff that was still all over the place following our painting extravaganzas of the last couple of weeks!  (Yeah, all that I stuff I said about cramming the special in – ignore that, they had to help me tidy up!!)

Ruby was delighted with her birthday cake.  It’s not the most beautiful or fancy but Ruby loved it and as her picture in her new room says ‘The woods would be silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.’ 🙂

We had a quick dinner and then Mum, Dad, Linda, Chloe and Cameron came round to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and share the cake.

Ruby blew out all her candles in one go …

… and I really hope all her wishes DO come true this year 🙂

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2 Responses to A day in the life of a birthday girl!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Blew all her candles out in one go, huh? Gas-bag like her Mummy? 😀
    I’m loving Ruby’s bed head. It’s darling!

    Here’s to a fabulous year 9 for Ruby. May all her hopes and dreams come true!
    Happy Birthday, R! x

    • It’s diaphragmatic breathing daaaaaling, I have a degree in that stuff you know!! Isn’t she funny, Alexander gets up looking just as he did when he went to bed – even when his hair is longer, Ruby looks like she has been left out in a gale all night 🙂

      L xxx

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