Pokey Eggs All Round

Egg cups were not high on our shipping priority list when choosing which of our worldly goods to bring to the other side of the world.  We brought none with us because we rarely have boiled eggs and quite frankly we needed space for off-cuts of fabric that had not yet fulfilled their destiny 🙂

(Geez, isn’t this shaping up to be a rivetting blog post?!!  LOL!)

This has meant that we have had to improvise …

Because sometimes you just feel like a pokey egg and soldiers …

Especially when we have all these eggs to use up …

Sadly, not because Michael has finally let me get chickens (Oh, how I would LOVE to get chickens!!) but because I needed the bumpy side of the egg boxes for a craft at Guides …

So tomorrows meal plan – scrambled eggs for breakfast, omelettes for lunch and quiche for dinner? 

And then a wee treat from this chappie for afters!

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3 Responses to Pokey Eggs All Round

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Laura, I love that you can write an entire blog post around eggs LOL
    We too didn’t bring our egg cups with us. I’ve had to source since (and struggled to find cheap ones!)
    But yes, sometimes you just feel like “pokey eggs” (I love that name, btw!) and soldiers!

  2. I think you NEED chickens. Not sure Larry would agree.

    • I DO need chickens, you’re right! And they will be mine, I’m just biding my time 😉 Larry would LOVE it if we got chickens, he gets very excited about birds! We have a great bit down the side of the house that would be PERFECT and could easily be dog-proofed … it’s all in the master plan!

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