‘Ice Cream for Breakfast’ Day

I am usually something of a breakfast-battle-axe.  I am firmly in the ‘a good breakfast sets you up for the day’ camp and am really insistant that the kids have something healthy and filling before school. 

Alexander is great at breakfast time and will eat pretty much anything offered (it’s the only time of the day he’s like this so I make the most of it and pack him to the gunwales!)  Ruby is more of a mid-morning person and it takes her a while to get going in the morning so she never feels like eating first thing.  We have had so many ‘discussions’ about breakfast choices that I have complied a list which is stuck to the fridge – it saves repeating the same thing every day!

Well, today was different.  Today was ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast’ day at Park Towers (the official ICFB day was the 21st but we did it today instead).  This was something I found out about through Facebook.  It started like this … Last year, a man in America named Bruce Rosenberg was diagnosed with cancer.  Despite agressive treatment his prognosis was not good and so he urged people to live their lives NOW, not when they have more time, money etc.  “Have ice cream for breakfast” was something of a mantra for him to remind everyone to enjoy the simple things, have fun with their kids and just to do silly things for no reason other than the joy that it was possible.  He decided that the anniversary of his diagnosis should be ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast’ day and Facebook helped to pass the word around!

Sadly, Bruce didn’t live to see his idea come to fruition, he died on the 12th of March this year.  I didn’t know him or his family but I am thankful to him for reminding me to stop every now and again, look around and say ‘This life I have is wonderful, let’s do something fun!’. 

I hadn’t told A & R about it so they got a surprise this morning when they got up and saw this on the bench!

They chose what they wanted and prepared their sundaes!  (A bit of everything for A, just ice cream and sprinkles for R)

(Isn’t Ruby’s bed-head hilarious?!)

We had a chat about Bruce, his story and the reasons he wanted everyone to eat ice cream for breakfast.  Of course, like most children (I hope!), they don’t need to be taught to embrace life and find joy, it comes naturally to them, thank goodness!

I really hope that they will remember today and that it will stick in their minds as the day that we threw caution to the wind, put the porridge on the back burner and bent the rules just because we could!

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3 Responses to ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast’ Day

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    What a lovely story. I hadn’t heard about it!
    They sure do look thrilled with that ice cream!

    R’s bedhead is a corker, I love it!

  2. sarah says:

    Laura I’m going to take on both of those ideas if you don’t mind; both the list of choices for breakfast (every weekday they ask for nutella and every weekday I tell them it’s only allowed at weekends) and we’re most definitely going to do the ICFB plan too, and talk about why we’re having ICFB. Thanks for passing on such a good idea x

    • Between that and the ‘things we have to do before we’re ready for school’ list, things have become SO much easier!! I am not a huge lover of mornings so having to repeat the same things every day does nothing to improve the start of our day! Enjoy your ice cream!

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