Rocket Over Ridgeway!

My lovely friend, Seonaid, very kindly sent over a VERY fun Cosmic Rocket kit for Alexander for Christmas.  As you saw, Christmas was a VERY busy time for us so it wasn’t until today that he got it out and put it all together.

It is based on the reaction that occurs when you add bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

Alexander and Ruby played – together – for around an hour with no fighting, minimal bossing and MUCH hilarity. This is virtually unheard of and coupled with the fact that the only help they needed was to get the bicarb off the top shelf of the pantry means that the kit was a winner as far as I am concerned!  They were able to read the instructions, assemble the parts of the rocket and measure out the bicarb and vinegar with no help whatsoever.  I did throw in my opinions every now and again, mainly to safeguard their eyes and our windows, but they worked out for themselves that leaning the rocket at a 45 degree angle meant that it went further and didn’t hit off the pergola roof and come back down at speed to hit them on the head 🙂

The great thing is that it is all reusable so providing I keep buying two litre bottles of white vinegar and barrels of bicarb, there are hours of enjoyment STILL to be had!

I took this video of them which they are addressing to Seons 🙂  I do apologise about my very loud voice, I can’t think WHERE Alexander gets his strident voice from!!  I love how the reaction to the rocket blast is the same every time – this was about the 25th and 26th time they’d done it and their reaction was exactly the same every time!!

Thank you Seonaid – you picked a winner!

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