Personal A-Z of Australia – B is for Beasties

Before we moved to Australia we (for ‘we’ read ‘Michael’) were a bit concerned about the spiders here.  We even planned to buy white towels so we could see spiders more easily on them 🙂 (We did buy white towels and then lived in ‘the house of red mud’ everything we owned was covered in orangey dust which was resistant to bleach so we now have a huge bale of slightly manky looking towels and new, bright red, possibly spider-covered towels!)

To be honest we have hardly had any spiders in the house.  We had one in ‘the house of red mud’ – it was quite massive – we thought it was a mouse at first but it was a huntsman (it bites if you annoy it but isn’t deadly) – and it scuttled amongst the shoes we had lined up against the wall.  Michael went over to despatch it but flapped around asking for something to hit it with, I shrieked ‘ANY ONE OF THOSE SHOES!!!’  I don’t remember if we got it in the end but I guess we did or Michael would still be hunting it!!

A few months ago I picked up a pair of shorts that Alexander had left on the bedroom floor and there was a big spider on them!!  I didn’t know what kind of spider it was but I took the shorts, with spider still snuggled in, outside and put it down so the kids could come and have a look.  It was really beautiful, about the same circumference as a mug and with very pretty markings.  It was too beautiful to squash and it was outside now so I just let it go (this is very much against Michael’s guidelines – he is a ‘if it moves but doesn’t get excited when you come home from work, it dies’ kind of man!).  I have since found out that it was a Wolf spider who can inflict a bite which causes pain, dizziness, nausea, rapid pulse and swelling – super!

But really, two big spiders in 18 months is not too bad.  I am not scared of spiders.  I don’t love them and I don’t want big ones in my house but after the initial surprise of seeing one, I can put a tupperware over them, slide a piece of card underneath and throw them outside. 

Aside from the spiders, there are lots more beasties here that we have had to get used to.  I have always had quite a strong reaction to mosquitos but this Christmas I got a bite that went PSYCHO!  I couldn’t get my shoes on, I could barely walk!!  It was so tight, it felt fit to burst!  A course of antibiotics and several days of keeping my foot higher than my head and it slowly went down.

Now it is March which is the month of the millipedes!  All these little buggers come inside in March.  They curl into a spiral when you touch them – I don’t know what kind of protection that is against a fully grown adult but they have survived for millenia so I am guessing they must be doing something right!

I’m sure that in the more tropical part of the country there are much more exotic beasties, but I am quite happy to be here in Victoria – I can cope with these creepy crawlies!

This post is part of my personal A-Z of Australia – to see other people’s personal A-Zs you can go to

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One Response to Personal A-Z of Australia – B is for Beasties

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Ewww! The spider pic needed to come with a pre-warning LOL
    Bugs (well, snakes and spiders!) are one of the reasons** Nik was put off going to Australia.
    We didn’t come across any in the month we were there though, even in the undergrowth type areas of the garden in QLD.
    That or we didn’t see them lol
    Glad you haven’t had too many encounters. Maybe a bigger tupperware next time you find a “Wolf” though, eh? LOL

    ** It wasn’t really a reason. We have no chance of getting into Oz anyway so any “excuse” is used to make ourselves feel better!

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