Jo, Craig and Lily come to visit!

Oh what a lovely weekend!!  My fabulous friend, Jo and her wonderful husband, Craig came to visit from New Zealand with their gorgeous daughter, Lily.  There just aren’t enough superlatives to describe these people – they are some of the best you will ever meet and I have missed them all so much.  I couldn’t wait for them to be in my house!  Jo is one of ‘the girls’ and if you’ve read the blog for a while you will remember her and her family from my trip to New Zealand with Jeni last year .

I was a bit taken aback when I realised that we would be beating our record of people sleeping in this house.  We thought we’d done well at Christmas when David, Carol, Mum and Dad were here at Park Towers but this weekend we would have the three from NZ and also Jeni, Dave and Ciaran – so ten people under one roof! It made me so happy that we now have a house that we have a house big enough to entertain in!

There followed a lovely long weekend of togetherness!  A few years ago when we were talking about what we wanted from life I said that more than anything, I wanted a big table that we could all sit around and blether.  So this picture just makes my heart smile …

My friends, my babies and their babies all hanging out around my table!

Fitting in sleeps and feeds for two babies of very different ages means that planning any sort of activity is a bit tricky – luckily, we girls are happy to just chill around the house catching up with each other 🙂

We had a lovely trip out to Bacchus Marsh where Lily tried her first ice cream cone. 

At first she wasn’t sure

But she stuck with it and decided that she liked it!!

Jo and I pushed our girls on the swings (we hadn’t co-ordinated wardrobes – honest!)

And Ruby helped Lily down the slide

While the boys kicked a football around (they must have just kicked it out of shot as it looks as if they are just milling about but they really were playing!)

Ruby loved spending time with Lily and was *excellent* big sister material!  If she wasn’t off pushing the buggy

then she was helping with dinner

Alexander LOVES spending time with Craig and so was delighted when Craig could come to his first soccer game.  Alexander has been training with the team for a couple of weeks and is now in goals for Melton Phoenix.

They didn’t win, but according to Michael and Craig, Alexander played really well and saved many more than he let in!

We spent an afternoon at Jeni and Dave’s new house where Craig ably stepped in to BBQ duty while Ciaran decided that today was not a sleeping day 🙂

We made sure he took regular break to have giggles with my babes

While I had giggles with his!

Jeni and Ciaran had some cuddles in a new sling they were trying out for me. 

It was a great trip – over all too soon, as always.  Different from our girls weekends of old, but every bit as special as the cast list increases


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