Bites and Bones

So today started like any other day.  I was back to work for the first time since my gorgeous friends were here.  This might be a bummer for some people but the girls I work with are good fun, we have a real giggle together and I do really enjoy my job so I wasn’t dreading it the way I have with some of the jobs I’ve had!

Anyway, the day passed quickly and I went to collect Alexander and Ruby from Mum and Dad’s house.  Ruby had been bitten by some beastie yesterday and today her knee was pretty swollen and VERY hot!  She’d had some ice on it through the day but it was getting hotter and bigger!  I popped her in the car and drove back to work.  She saw one of the doctors and came out with a prescription for anti-biotics and advice to take a big dose of anti-histamine – luckily we have every kind of kids anti-histamine due to Alexander’s hayfever.

We chilled at home for a while and then it was time to take Alexander up to soccer training.  This is usually Michael’s domain but he was working late so I took the kids and Larry up to the training ground in the car.  Ruby and I had a good walk around while Alexander went to training and we did some recall training with Larry who was LOVING being off the lead but is still TERRIBLE at coming back when called and worse still at staying still while I clip his lead on!

We wandered back with about twenty minutes to spare only to see Alexander being escorted off the pitch by another (more attentive) parent.  I picked up my pace and found him in the clubhouse with a bag of ice on his hand.

His thumb and another boy’s foot had come to a swift collision and Alexander’s hand had immediately swollen.  He sat for five minutes, completely unable to move it, holding back tears (with varying levels of success depending on who was in the room) before I decided to call it quits for the night.

We drove home, dropped the dog back to the house and phoned Michael to meet us at the town emergency room.  We were seen pretty quickly and the doc was 50/50 as to whether it was broken or not but unfortunately the local x-ray department is closed now for the Easter weekend so they could only pump him full of painkillers, strap him up and send him home.  If it is still sore and swollen in the morning then we are to present at the emergency department of our local hospital.

When we got home we had a bit of dinner and then I told Ruby to get her pjs on because I knew that the minute she got a whiff of her anti-histamine she would be out for the count!  Sure enough, within minutes she was like this

and she has been like that for the past hour!  I keep checking her to make sure she’s still breathing!

So maybe this wasn’t the best start to the holiday weekend but never let it be said that there is a dull moment to be had at Park Towers!

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