Personal A-Z of Victoria A is for Anglesea (Part One)

A while ago I posted about a personal A-Z challenge that I found about through my friend, Tracey.  I will still be doing an A-Z about moving to Australia but I thought it would be fun to do another A-Z – one that takes us out of the house and out to explore places so today we started our A-Z of Victoria, and as the title suggested, we went to Anglesea 🙂

We were a bit disorganised about leaving as we had Alexander’s soccer game earlier in the day (more on that later in the week) and then we had to come back to pick Ruby and Larry up.  Once we were on the road though we were treated to some lovely views out the window.

Except those who were at a sleepover and Mimi and Pops’ house last night …

It was a beautiful day today – about 29c and bright sunshine – just right for a day at the coast!

I had looked up Anglesea on Google before we went and saw that there was a park – always a good place to start …

We went to Coogoorah Park which is a kind of nature reserve with a playpark in the middle of it.  Of these two elements in the park, we had much more fun in the nature reserve – this is when you know your kids are getting a bit older because there was a time when they would have played all day on the swings!  Nowadays they prefer to explore places like this …

There were lots of little connected pools where A & R tried in vain to catch minnows – nice technique from Ruby, don’t you think?

Michael and Larry were all set to explore a little further along the trail …

So we set off (after swapping the dog for the camera!) with A & R as the trailblazers …

There was just one problem …

I guess that the trails through the reserve were built during the fifteen year drought.  Now the drought is over and water levels have risen, lots of the paths are submerged.  We couldn’t let a little water get in our way though …

We had a brief stop to watch some ducks and kayakers (is that a word?  It is now!) go past. 

Then there was more wading!!

Sometimes the water to the side of the path was a bit deep and Larry took full advantage!

He was enjoying himself so much that we put his long lead on and let him swim some more. 

We left the reserve and walked along the front to a little bay we could see in the distance.  Along the way we found this sign which had lots of info on it about the region (and lots of posing haddies draped around it!).

I have lots more pics of what we did on our day out but I don’t seem to be able to get them on here – maybe there is a limit to how much sunshine and loveliness is allowed online at once!  Anyway, pop back tomorrow and I’ll share the rest of our day 🙂

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