Personal A-Z of Victoria A is for Anglesea (Part Two)

In case you missed yesterday’s installment, we took a road trip to Anglesea on Sunday.  Why not go back and have a look at what we got up to when we first got there?

So when I left off yesterday, we were walking towards the beach …

As soon as the kids saw the quiet little bay they took off and were merrily splashing about in the water.

They’d have stayed there all day if we hadn’t kept walking round the corner and been greeted with this view …

The kids were off like a shot, you can only just see them in this pic – teeny dots just before the waves! Larry was desperate to get in there too!

I sat on the sand with the bags for a while – this was my view to the right…

and looking to the left I could see this …

I couldn’t stay on the sand for long so it was into the waves for me!!

I had a lovely ‘this is the life’ moment here – a month into autumn and here I was standing in warm sea water with my fabulous family having fun round about me.

Alexander and Ruby had a bit of a play in the sand (Ruby’s shorts had to go as they were rubbing her legs so excuse the t-shirt and undies look but as I explained to her, I am sure the people of Anglesea have seen much stranger sights than a wee girl in her undies!!)

When we walked round towards the cliffs on the left there were less people so we decided to let Larry off the lead. His recall is not very good and he is soooooo friendly/nosy/annoying that he just wants to go and meet/lick/jump on everyone he meets so unless we are sure he’s pretty contained and there are no little kids about then he stays on the lead. When we let him off he was DELIGHTED!

After an hour or so of splashing about in the waves we decided that we had better head for home so we left and walked back towards the car, hoping that we’d dry off along the way.

I asked a couple walking in the opposite direction if they would mind taking a picture of all four of us.

They didn’t mind at all and we had a nice chat with them about why we emigrated (very recently reaffirmed!) and how much we love it here.

Ruby had a quick stop at the water fountain to try to perfect her technique …

We waited at the entrance to the park for Michael to go and get the car.  We tried to dust off as much sand as possible!  Luckily, having sand in your thong means something quite different here 😉

We had a drive through the town, past the famous golf course where kangaroos hang out on the green!

The kids were a bit worried that the roos would be injured by flying golf balls – I’m not sure what the strike rate is but it can’t be that bad as they were lolling about everywhere!!

It was quite a novelty for us to be somewhere hilly again as the area we live in is soooooooo flat.  The hills certainly give the views a dramatic edge 🙂

We had planned to come home and have a meal that the kids had prepared with help from my mum but we all decided that this was very much a fish and chips kind of a day so we got a few fish suppers and ate them in the car (because the kids had shed their wet clothes and were in the buff by this time!).  That’s a bottle of apple and guava juice Michael is drinking, just in case you were worried!!

Then it was time to hit the road and drive home, watching the sun set all the way.

We were all wiped out and filthy when we got home so it was bathtime for everyone – and I mean everyone!!

Anglesea was lovely – definitely somewhere we would visit again and again.

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2 Responses to Personal A-Z of Victoria A is for Anglesea (Part Two)

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    oh Laura, the Great Ocean Road is one of the most wonderful places to explore, isn’t it? We also did Anglesea when we did our Great Ocean Road day trip ( if anyone is interested. It was one of the most fabulous days of our holiday in Oz!) and loved every second.
    Fantastic pics. I just adore Ruby’s water fountain technique! Great shot!

  2. Aww, I remember when you went there!! It was a truly lovely day! Any time you want to revisit ….

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