Anzac Day Parade

Wednesday of this week is Anzac Day, like Rememberence Day but just for the Australian and New Zealand Forces.  Today there was an Anzac Parade in Bacchus Marsh and the Guides were marching in it so Ruby and I went along.  Michael, Alexander, Mum, Dad and Larry came along to watch.

We met at in the grounds of the hospital and were told where in the parade we would be marching – behind the Scouts and in front of the schools.  We had a huge turn out from our unit with only a handful of girls missing.

Once everyone had their group in order we set off …

The parade was led by a pipe band – I was very glad, a parade just isn’t the same without bagpipes.  I had a wee lump in my throat when they played ‘Waltzing Matilda’ because last time I heard that I was in Eskhill and my lovely friend, Correen, had organised for her fantastic pipe playing Dad to play in the street for us.  I soon got over it though as I had thirty-odd chatty girls to keep in line!!

There were also some magnificent horses from the Creswick Light Horse Troop. 

We walked through Bacchus Marsh and then arrived at the RSL hall where all the organisations would be laying their wreaths. 

It is sad that now there are only a few veterans at these events, but so important that we continue to remember and be thankful.

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4 Responses to Anzac Day Parade

  1. Jacq says:

    Ahh, ANZAC day. We rarely get to observe this here but I make up for it buy doing my bit for Remembrance Day over here.

  2. correen says:

    Awww Laura that was a moving day , not a dry eye in the house ! You are right , no parade can call itself a parade with out a pipe band ! Miss you all xx

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