Fleecy Trousers :-)

This has been a really busy week, and not in a good way!  My ‘part-time’ job has seen me working five days this week, four days of last week and five days next week.  This is way more than I want to be doing but hopefully should pass soon.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my job and it’s certainly nice on payday but being at work very much gets in the way of faffing around in the house, making stuff, which is what I REALLY like doing!!

So when this weekend rolled around I decided that I would leave all the washing that has piled up, I would ignore the fact that there was virtually no food in the house, I would turn a blind eye to all the cleaning that needed doing and spend the day sewing!  Ruby, Mum and I went to Watergardens to the fabric shop – because heaven knows we’ve no fabric in our house!

My idea was to make some fleecy trousers for A & R.  They have both moved up a level in swimming (two levels in Ruby’s case) which means they are now in ‘the big pool’ for an hour on a Friday night.  ‘The big pool’ is much colder and they both get out with chittery teeth then have to get changed in the solid concrete changing rooms so they are FROZEN by the time they are done.  A lot of kids take their pyjamas to swimming and just get changed into those after their lesson which makes sense so I thought I would run up some fleecy trews to try to get some heat back into them after their lesson.

We chose four different fabrics – well, Ruby chose hers and I chose Alexander’s, thankfully, Alexander has no opinions whatsoever about clothes (it’s the only subject he doesn’t have an opinion on!) so he’ll wear whatever I make for him 🙂

These are sooooooooo easy and cheap to make so here’s a little step by step do-dah if you want to give it a go.  If you have (or have access to) a sewing machine then you can do it – it’s just sewing straight lines!  You can easily make these in half an hour and I promise they will be a big hit because they are so cosy and comfy.

When we got them home I got an old pair of pj trousers for each of them, folded them in half and then drew round them on the fold (making them a bit bigger because these children just insist on growing up!).

I did all the drawing and then my glamourous assistant cut them out – it’s very handy now she is big enough to help!!  I try not to watch her though as her left handed technique with right handed scissors makes me nervous – she does a great job though 🙂

When I had two of each colour I put them right sides together and sewed down the edges as far as the crotch.

Then I lie the two seams on top of one another so that the fabric makes a trouser shape and sew a big line from one ankle to the other.

I trimmed the excess fabric at the seams with pinking shears because I’m a little bit fancy 😉 This isn’t necessary but it makes it a little less bulky.  When I was sewing a lot I used to have an overlocker which sealed and trimmed all the seams but it died before we emigrated 😦  Next, I folded the waistband over and sewed it down almost all the way with a zigzag stitch.  I threaded some elastic through the waistband and secured that with a zig zag stitch too.  

This is the other good thing about making trousers for Alexander – I can make the waist teeeeeeeeeeny – usually we have to put a safety pin in trousers to make them fit at the waist and he looks like he’s wearing a bustle!!  More meat on a butcher’s pencil …

I then got the halflings to try them on so that I could check for length.  I had to wrestle them back out of them – they loooooove fleecy trousers and were very reluctant to let me have them back!  I turned the legs up a little and hemmed them with a zig zag stitch.  I left them quite long and slouchy so that they will last a while.

At bedtime, there were no arguments about getting their pyjamas on 🙂

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6 Responses to Fleecy Trousers :-)

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    You’re so clever!
    I cold never get away with getting mine to wear fleecy trousers.
    Jake is too old at nearly 13 (he has just developed a clothes opinion. Lord help me!) and Eliot has had a clothes opinion for several years that means that anything with cartoony animals, prints or characters has been out of the window!
    He might wear a pair for bed but we don’t have any fabric shops local anyway so I’m doomed lol
    Or maybe I’m saved 😀

    Gorgeous piccie of R doing the cutting. She’s a bonnie thing! And great modelling by them both.

    • Thanks! Too old at 13?! It was all I could do not to make some for myself at 34!! For someone as opinionated as Alexander I am AMAZED that he will wear whatever I hand to him. I am delighted that he prefers colour to blacks and greys (despite being colourblind!)and he is not REMOTELY interested in ‘brands’. He does choose what clothes to wear now but for years Ruby used to look his clothes out for him every night LOL!!! She loved helping me with these – I may have opened up a Pandora’s box there!! L xxx

      • Tracey Hand says:

        Haha by ‘too old’, I meant in his head, of course. He’s never too old in my head.
        Of course, his school class is made up of children from 12 (Jake is youngest, at 12, by about a year!) to 17! It’s a very different environment and he’s quickly growing out of where he should be in my head lol

        Go Ruby though. She’s gonna be a chip off the not-so-old block 😉

      • Oh my! There’s a VERY big difference between being 12 and being 17!
        Ruby’s going through a phase where she wants to do everything I am doing, she has been sewing, cooking, doing laundry (poor love, she might have chosen someone a bit more glam to emulate!!) all while wearing one of my scarves – proper mini-me! I better be on my best behaviour!

  2. Louise Cavalier says:

    Laura,I bought 2 pairs of fleecy trousers off you years ago and they are now on their third (or fourth?) owners.There were tears when they no longer fitted anyone in our house,and lordy knows,they tried 😀 You make it look so easy here,I might give it a go myself,although I am no way near as talented as you are!

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