Rosie’s Dolly

One of the trickiest people to leave behind in Scotland when we left was my little God-daughter, Rosie.  Rosie is the daughter of my oldest friend, Lynn, and is just four years old.  It is particularly tricky because a four year old lives very much in the moment and I do worry that out of sight is out of mind.  That said, actual hours that A & R have spent with my brother and sister in law, or Jo and Craig are minimal but both couples are a HUGE part of their lives and they are very much loved by A & R so I am hoping that the same will be true for Rosie (and now her little sister, Evie) even though I am not there.

Lynn and I have been friends since we were five and she was quite possibly THE LEAST girly girl ever – her boys hairdo and tree climbing was the perfect match for my ribbons and pram pushing – don’t you think?!  Heaven knows how we stayed friends, but thank goodness we did, I don’t know what I’d do without her!  She now has two beautiful girls of her own so finds herself surrounded by dolls, glitter and pink!

In an effort to stay in touch with Rosie in a way that is meaningful to her, earlier in the year I made her a dolly.  I looked at lots of online tutorials for cloth dolls and chose my favourite elements of each to make this little lady …

Rosie was very pleased, apparently, so I have been making new dresses for her every time I get my machine out 🙂  As well as keeping in touch with Rosie, it’s helping me to use up my stash of cotton off-cuts!

Those two were made with offcuts from neckerchiefs (now there is a word I have never typed before!!!) I made for Guide Camp over a year ago and this next one is left-over from the lining of a bag I made at the weekend.

And remember the fleecy trousers I made at the weekend?  Well, I used the off-cuts from Ruby’s trousers to make some jammies for Rosie’s dolly!

I send them one at a time and put in a little note for Rosie too. I remember how great it was to get a letter in the mail when I was little so I don’t send them all at once – that way Rosie gets the excitement of an envelope arriving more often!

I won’t see Rosie again until Easter of next year but her dolly should have lots of new clothes before then 🙂

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