Personal A-Z of Victoria – B is for Ballarat

It’s been a few weeks since we took our first A-Z road trip.  To be honest, we had such a lovely day in Anglesea that we’d have been quite happy to go back there every week and we were pretty sure that no-where else would measure up.

Well, that’s not a very good attitude to have so we decided to go off on our next trip today.  I planned to go to Bendigo.  There are lots of interesting things to see in Bendigo – a great art gallery, a vintage tram tour, a historic walking trail, the Golden Dragon museum, Bendigo Pottery and Bendigo Woollen Mills (where you can buy GREAT quality wool at very cheap prices and which had absolutely no influence on my desire to visit ;-))

As it was, we had a bit of a lie in and then a bit of a tidy up and by the time I had made a picnic and we were ready to leave, it was almost midday.  Bendigo is almost two hours drive from here and so I decided that maybe we would leave this for another day (and I would just send off for some wool instead 🙂 Hurrah for mail order!) and head to Ballarat instead.  Note to self – be better prepared on other weeks as there are not many place in Victoria that belong with Q or V!

We’ve been to Ballarat a few times but always to go to Sovereign Hill – we’ve never been into the town itself.  I had a quick look on the Visit Ballarat website and found that by lucky coincidence it was the Ballarat Heritage Weekend.  We programmed the address of the trail starting point into the sat nav and we were off!!!

Ballarat is about a hour’s journey from our house and is a really nice old town.  Thanks to the gold rush it was REALLY wealthy for a while so is full of lovely old buildings and statues.

The Heritage Weekend kicked off in the Mining Exchange Building where there was a display of kid’s pedal cars from 1930-1960.  The kids LOVED them and took time to choose a favourite each. 

There was another room with old dolls, toy cars (smaller ones this time!) and children’s books.

Outside there was a free merry-go-round.  It was a bit tame for A & R these days but they enjoyed it none the less 🙂

After that there was a Punch & Judy show.  I hate Punch & Judy but a lot of the kids thought it was hilarious – Alexander, not so much – he took advantage of the paper and crayons provided and drew a picture while Ruby watched the show.

Outside there was a great display of vintage cars and caravans.  I fell in love with this ‘Teardrop Trailer’ which a man made by himself.  Inside there is a double bed, small cupboards mounted above the ‘foot’ end of the bed and in the ‘boot’ there is a stove and food cupboards.  I would LOVE to have one of these.  I wish Michael would make one for me but I don’t see that happening!

In one of the other big buildings there was a display of model planes and miniature trains.  Alexander was in heaven! 

He got to try out the flight simulator with a little guidance from a man from the club running the exhibitionand thoroughly investigated the model railway.  He said it reminded him the model railway we visited in Minnesota – six years ago – he forgets nothing that boy!!

When we came out of the display it was pouring with rain and everyone was a bit hungry so we went back to the car and had our picnic.  We were all a bit ‘displayed’ out so we just had a drive round the town and then went to a coffee shop.  A & R made up a FANTASTIC game called ‘Who can keep a lolly stick in their mouth for longest?’ it meant that Michael and I enjoyed a cup of coffee in peace and quiet while they glared, silently and competitively at each other!

So that was our day, maybe it wasn’t wall to wall sunshine, maybe it wasn’t a red letter day, but it was a great day out with my family and a nice way to spend a Saturday 🙂

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