Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day in Australia and I have had a lovely day – despite having worked for most of it!

I was brought a scrummy breakfast in bed before I had to go off to work and the kids brought me the presents that have been burning a hole in Ruby’s wardrobe for the last few days!!

Ruby very kindly bought me a list pad from the stall at school – it will be used A LOT and is far superior to the backs of envelopes that I currently use to write my to do lists!!  She also made me a lovely little heart shaped pin cushion at Guides.  I LOVE it because it will be incredibly useful – at the moment my pins are supposed to be kept in a box but that is not very handy so I have loads of loose pins on my sewing machine table, they fall off at regular intervals and despite being in the far corners of the house, they always end up in someone’s foot or with Larry trying to perforate a bowel with them and I get a row 😉

Alexander bought a car air freshener and a little massager from school, he thought it would be nice when I got home from work.  Unfortunately, when I opened the box it was empty.  A was really upset and then FURIOUS and he will be marching into school on Monday to demand a refund (and apparently, an apology, but I told him to go easy!!!)

He also wrote a persuasive text arguing why I am the best Mum in the world 🙂 and a poem.  This is the persuasive text ….

I had to laugh at the bit about cooking dinner – dinners are the cause of the most tension in this house!!!

This is his poem …

“You are the Mum of Mums, When you sing all the bling will sparrckel, when you whistle all the thistels will grow, when you hum all the hummingbirds will sigh, when you cry all the teerdrops will turn into rammbows and flurrish in the sky.  When you sow and nite (sew and knit) it is made from love.  So now my poem comes to an end I hope you have enjoyed it.  My Mum is the best. The End.”

Ok, so his spelling is a little creative but I love the fact that he made up this poem with no prompting and wrote it in his very best handwriting.  And while I don’t think he has seen me crying very often, I love the thought of teardrops turning into rainbows (or rammbows!) and flourishing in the sky 🙂

I went off to work and that was fine – Sundays are pretty steady.

This evening we went to Mum & Dad’s house for dinner.  Dad made the starter and main course (steamed dim sims and then a stir fry), VERY yummy!  And then Michael made the dessert – strawberry cheesecake, also VERY yummy!!  He had never made this before and it was fantastic – he can make it any time 🙂

Mum and I drank wine and blethered while Dad and Michael sorted everything for us – how lovely!!  It was very nice to have my Mum here this year 🙂

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