New bag :-)

I found myself with a few hours to myself today – sure, there were jobs I *could* have done but quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered.  I had taken the dog for a 6.5 mile/10.5 km walk, done some washing and cleaned up the hurricane that is our kitchen after the breakfast/lunchbox dash in the morning so I felt very justified in wheeling out my sewing machine for a bit 🙂

I am still plugging my way through my fabric stash so I made today’s project without having to buy anything – hurrah!  I have seen a few bags online which reuse old jeans or cargo pants and as I had a pair of jeans in my fabric stash I thought I’d try this today.

I wanted to make an ‘across the body’ bag – I have a hobo style bag that I use all the time, but I fancied one with a longer strap.

I started by assembling all the material I would need …

Hang on, something’s missing …

… oh yes, of course, whenever there is fabric on the floor, Larry isn’t far away!  (Note the blurry tail!  He was very happy to be sitting on my stuff!)

I opened the seams of the jeans, I ironed them flat and then cut out all the bits I’d need – a front, a back, two side pieces and a bottom piece then I joined two long bits together to make the strap.  I cut the same size pieces out of the lining fabrics.

I then made some bias tape out of the flowery fabric to go round the flap of the bag.  I’ve never made my own bias tape before but it was easy peasy and I was so busy congratulating myself on making it that I left it out of the picture!

I sewed the strap pieces together and then top-stitsched the finished strap.

I pinned the bias tape around the top flap pieces and then top-stitched that too (geez, ironing and pinning in one project?  I must be growing up!!  I’ll be tacking next!)

Then I did the same thing with the lining and outer fabrics – I joined the side and bottom  pieces and then attached them to the front and back to make a boxy shape out of each.

I turned the outer piece out the right way round and put it inside the lining.  I tucked the flap and the strap in there too and sewed round the top leaving just a little opening to pull the bag the right way out. 

I closed up the little hole and top stitched the opening of the bag and I was all done!  Just in time to collect the Parklets from school 🙂

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