The Birthday Boys (and a bit of a catch-up)

So, yet again, it’s been a while since I updated.  Sadly, not because there has been something so exciting that I didn’t trust myself not to blurt it out on here but because I have been working WAAAAAAAAAAY more than I want to be and it’s left me no time for anything else!!  A couple of girls were on leave at the same time and so there were lots of extra shifts to cover.  This week – which includes a public holiday so I finally got a day off – I will have worked over 40 hours!!!  Not bad for a part time job!!  As much as I enjoy my job (and I really do!) that’s twice as many hours as I want to be doing it in a week!  I was ok for a while but eventually I was just over it!

In the middle of all this busy-ness we had the birthdays of my two lovely boys.  May 28th was Larry’s second birthday which we celebrated in the time honoured tradition – with a Vienetta!

Larry rarely gets any ‘people food’ but he really enjoys his slice of Vienetta!

Then two days later on the 30th it was Alexander’s 10th birthday.  I don’t know how on earth he got to be ten years old!  It doesn’t seem five minutes since he was five and now he’s TWICE that!  Unfortunately, I was working on his birthday so we got up RIDICULOUSLY early so that he could open his presents.  He had been saving for a PS3 for almost a year and we told him that if he saved half then we would pay for the other half.  I wasn’t overjoyed at the thought of ANOTHER screen to play games on (we have a PC, a laptop, a Wii and the kids have DSs already) but he was really good at saving and it was all he wanted (well, he did toy with the idea of a Praying Mantis for a while but I was equally reluctant on that choice – oh for the days when we could just buy ANYTHING with Thomas the Tank Engine’s smiley face on it and he would be delighted!)  Anyway, we got the PS3 and a couple of age appropriate games (that required a LOT of heel-digging-in on my part!) and Boy Wonder was – as the Aussies would say – rapped!  I couldn’t get him to stay still while I took pictures …

And when he realised what it was he passed out …

Not really, but he was really amazed that I had caved and let more technology into the house!!

So then today we had our first day off all together for AGES.  No work, no school, no soccer games!  Hurrah!  After a lovely lie in I took Larry out for a long walk.  It has rained for the last week, and coupled with the fact that I have been working loads, he has hardly been over the door – just far enough to get by.  We went for about ten miles along the road behind our house.  For most of the way Larry can be off the lead and he had the time of his life splashing in puddles and investigating the ditches along the side of the road.

It was fantastic to be out in the sun and the fresh air!

When we got home I had to bath the dog as he was CAKED in mud!  I did consider pressure washing him in the driveway but decided to go for a warm bath with doggy shampoo instead!  He was very pleased when I finally let him lie down and go to sleep!

After catching up with some laundry we decided to make the most of the beautiful day and head down to Williamstown.  Alexander received a rather fantastic kite as a birthday gift from Jeni and Dave so we took that with us hoping that there would be a bit of a breeze there – there wasn’t so we had to leave it in the car for another day and we went for a walk to look at the boats instead.

Ruby went looking for starfish …

Alexander conquered the canons …

Michael gazed longingly at the boats …

Of course ‘a walk’ in the Park family always includes an ice cream and luckily Williamstown has PLENTY good ice cream shops!

So back to work tomorrow, but at least we’ve had a walk in the sunshine and some ice cream 🙂

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2 Responses to The Birthday Boys (and a bit of a catch-up)

  1. I chanced upon your blog when I googled “as full as a pommie’s complaint box”.
    You write wonderfully, and obviously skilled in the sewing department looking at the NEW BAG post 🙂
    I just wanted to say thank you for an entertaining hour or so
    Welcome to Australia!

    • Awww, thank you Marion! I am glad you enjoyed it! I hope you’ll continue to stop by! L xxx (I am intrigued as to why you were googling that … though it is one of my favourite phrases!)

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